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Lullaby - Nana Janelidze - Georgia



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Lullaby (Iavnana, 1994)

Director: Nana Janelidze
Cast: Nato Murvanidze, Niko Tavadze, Nino Abuladze


Can children’s songs bring back the memory of a daughter kidnapped long ago? Can the perseverance of a mother finally reward her? Eurochannel presents an award-winning film that will take you deep into the Georgian countryside to explore how a family torn apart attempts to rediscover one another in the slow-paced, visually stunning story: Lullaby.  

Lullaby, winner of the Georgia’s State Prize and Iakob Gogebashvili Pedagogical Prize, presents an original style that departs from mainstream European cinema. This 75-minutes film tells the story of a family and its tragedies in a countryside paradise where ethereal divine and evil entities seem to fight for the community's soul in a tacit battle. After a heavenly start full of angelical lullabies, the setting grows darker when the daughter of the family is kidnapped by two wanderers.

Through the dramatic interpretations by Nato Murvanidze, a Gerogian film star, and Niko Tavadze, the movie delivers a picture of the traditional Georgian countryside of the 19th century where witchcraft and superstitions were common. But Lullaby is centered on the real, abiding belief in familial love and delivers hope when, after relying on nostalgia, the family brings back home their daughter and manages to recover her memory through the lullabies they sang to her in her childhood.

Enjoy a new dimension of the world-reknowned cradle songs and discover how, despite distance, differences in language, and the passage of time, a family can resurrect love through memories.


Little Keto, the only child in a rich Georgian family, is abducted by two Lezgian men. Her parents find her after many years, but she can't remember her childhood and past. After Keto's permanent silence and her mother's vain attempts to make her daughter remember, a decision is made: Keto will be taken back to Dagestan. Eventually, the desperate mother can do nothing to jar her daughter’s memory but sing for her child as she used to years ago. Can a mother's lullaby help her daughter find a real family, her mother tongue, her own country and, ultimately, herself?

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