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Madame de Pompadour - France

Madame de Pompadour

Madame de Pompadour

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Biography Madame de Pompadour

Madame de Pompadour (Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, 2006)

Director: Robin Davis
Cast: Hélène de Fougerolles, Vincent Perez, Rosemarie La Vaulée, Charlotte de Turckheim, Damien Jouillerot, Charlotte Valandrey, JenniferDecker, Chloé Stefani, Léa Wiazemsky


Discover a story of love and betrayal with the miniseries Madame de Pompadour. Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, better known as the famous Madame de Pompadour, was born during the 18th century. As a specialist in the art of seduction, she had an irresistible charm which attracted the attention of the French King Louis XV (Vincent Perez). When they began to have an affair, she was ready to reach the Royal Court, but success constantly eluded her.

She finally achieved nobility, and became Madame de Pompadour, the official mistress of the King. Nevertheless, she had to face an enemy, the main heir of the throne (Damien Jouillerot). This amazing story is related in Madame de Pompadour (Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, France, 2006) on Eurochannel.

Enjoy the chance to discover the beautiful actress Hélène de Fougerolles, nominated two times at the Cesar – the French equivalent of the Oscar – and the Swiss actor Vincent Perez, who plays the lead roles in this miniseries.


Part I

When Jeanne Antoinette Poisson (Hélène de Fougerolles) seduces the King (Vincent Perez), an insane passion begins. She reaches the Court and becomes Madame de Pompadour. But she must face an enemy; the main heir of the throne… (Damien Jouillerot).

Part II 

The love story between Louis XV (Vincent Perez) and Madame de Pompadour (Hélène de Fougerolles) is not so beautiful. Jeanne (Hélène de Fougerolles) has been betrayed, the Court hates her, and the King (Vincent Perez) ignores her pregnancy.

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