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Mafia Millionaires (Milionari, 2014)

Director: Alessandro Piva
Cast: Francesco Scianna, Valentina Lodovini, Salvatore Striano, Gianfranco Gallo
Genre: Crime, Action, Drama


When Marcello saw his father die, little did he know he was to become one of the mafia’s leading figures in Naples. Now it’s his time to decide between money or his family’s safety. Eurochannel premieres Mafia Millionaires, an action drama about all the power, luxury, greed, blood and violence of the Italian underworld.

When you play life like a game of poker, you must be willing to lose it all. That’s the life motto of Marcello Cavaini, aka Alandelòn, Mafia Millionaires’ protagonist. In the movie, he and his siblings plunge into the mafia as the only way to save their family home after their father’s death. Initially reluctant, Alandelòn rises through the Camorra ranks, going from being a messenger to taking charge of a territory and all its profits. Drugs, gambling and contraband are under his control as he sees his pockets overflow with cash.

But when Alandelòn thought he had everything, life had just started with him. As Mafia Millionaires’ director sheds light on the grey areas of our society and the underworld, the life of Alandelòn reflects the reality of many mafia men in Naples. They are immersed in an environment in which death or jail are the only final options after a short period of glory.

Based on real events, and the book I Millonari, Mafia Millionaires delivers an action-packed feature portraying four decades in the life of its protagonist. Through a gripping plot full of twists and a Scorsesian-like style, the director evokes classics of the genre like Goodfellas and The Godfather to most recent mafia portrayals such as Gomorrah.

Eurochannel invites you to the darkest corners of the Italian underworld to learn if Alandelòn’s life choices will save his family or doom it forever!

The rise and fall of a Camorra clan in Naples, told through the eyes of a crime boss and his family. Forty years of a man's life, forty years in the history of one of the most beautiful and controversial cities on Earth: Naples.

Awards and Festivals:
• Premiere - Rome International Film Festival 2014

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