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Mafia Undercover (Solo, 2016)

Cast: Marco Bocci, Peppino Mazzotta, Diane Fleri, Renato Carpentieri
Genre: Crime, drama


Over the past six years, Marco Solo has infiltrated the Italian mafia with little risk. Now everything is bound to change as the Interpol wants him to help in an international investigation of a top capo. To take down a dangerous international criminal, Marco must get to the very heart of the ‘Ndrangheta’s most dangerous family and earn their trust. Eurochannel welcomes you to Southern Italy with its new event series: Mafia Undercover.

Mafia Undercover is a heart-pounding four-part series that takes you into a world of contraband, drug trafficking, extortion, murder and revenge, a world that revolves around a code of silence and unbreakable blood ties. Seen through the eyes of Marco, an undercover agent whose mission is to infiltrate the family clan that controls the largest gateway port for illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean, this series immerses you in guns, blood and action.

When Marco goes undercover in the powerful Corona family, he plunges into a downward spiral of violence from which there is no turning back. The choices he is forced to make to conceal his true identity lead him into a gray area. Now, the line between the law and crime becomes blurred, as he risks, not only his life, but his very soul.

Further complicating things, Marco faces the challenging choice between the woman he loves and the daughter of his mafia boss, jeopardizing both his mission and his life over a bond he can't seem to break.

Eurochannel premieres a new and exciting event series full of action and thrills. Come to the Mediterranean with Marco, a man at the crossroad between good and evil as he infiltrates the mafia’s most dangerous family.

Mafia Undercover – S01 E1

Undercover agent Marco Solo (Marco Bocci) is assigned the mission to infiltrate the Crown, a powerful family of Gioia Tauro's ‘Ndrangheta. His first day on the job proves to be a decisive one for his destiny in the mafia and as a cop.

Mafia Undercover – S01 E2

After killing a corrupt policeman, Marco's (Marco Bocci) mission is increasingly at risk. Vincenzo (Pierluigi Misasi) does not trust him and the family puts him to the test. Bruno (Peppino Mazzotta) gives Marco a gun and two choices: either he becomes part of the family by killing Sasso or he has to reveal the truth, blowing his cover.

Mafia Undercover – S01 E3

Already part of the mafia, thanks to the most heinous actions, Marco (Marco Bocci) faces an extreme move that he had not foreseen. Now, not only is his cover as an infiltrated agent at risk, but also his romantic life beyond the mission.

Mafia Undercover – S01 E4

After Barbara's (Diane Fleri) death, Solo's (Marco Bocci) mission, which has become too risky, is suspended . . . but he is not willing to stop.

Mafia Undercover – S02 E1

The mission isn’t over yet for Agent Solo (Marco Bocci), now infiltrated within the Corona crime family. Agata (Carlotta Antonelli), daughter of boss Antonio (Renato Carpentieri), has been kidnapped and Marco has to go against the direct orders of his superiors to save her.

Mafia Undercover – S2 E2

Unexpected news alter the course of destiny for Marco (Marco Bocci) and the old Boss; Bruno Corona (Peppino Mazzotta) is still alive and in prison, and is both mentally and physically drained. However, freeing Bruno soon becomes the only way to find out where Agata (Carlotta Antonelli) is being held hostage.

Mafia Undercover – S2 E3

Following Bruno’s (Peppino Mazzotta) escape from prison and Agata’s (Carlotta Antonelli) rescue from Albania, the Corona family is finally reunited again. An opportunity for the Corona and Tridente families to reaffirm their positions of power presents itself when new conflict breaks out against the Palmieri family, who have risen to become the new bosses.

Mafia Undercover – S2 E4

Following Don Antonio’s (Renato Carpentieri) death, the alliance between Marco (Marco Bocci) and Bruno (Peppino Mazzotta) becomes increasingly fragile. For Marco, trying to persuade the police to compromise seems an impossible task; after the feud with the Palmieri family, the Head of Operations, Erika Mattei, no longer seems willing to negotiate for his return.

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