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Malevolent (Rum 213, 2017)

Director: Emelie Lindblom
Cast: Anki Lidén, Lisette Pagler, Arman Fanni
Genre: Thriller
Length: 90’


It's the summer holidays. Twelve-year-old Elvira went on a trip and stayed in room 213, where it does not take long before inexplicable things start to happen. Eurochannel premiers Malevolent.

The movie Malevolent is based on Ingelin Angerborn's popular book "Rum 213". Twelve-year-old Elvira is going on a trip and is worried about not getting any friends. Elvira is allowed to share a room with the girls Meja and Bea of ​​the same age, but due to water damage they are forced to change to room 213, where no one has lived for 60 years. Soon paranormal events unleash.

Things disappear, Bea has scary nightmares and sometimes the other girls wake up from her screams. When Meja takes photos of Elvira, Elvira is replaced by a white light.
A letter with ancient writing leads the girls to an old lady in a run-down house, who reveals the mystery of the red-haired girl in a white dress who has been sneaking around in the corridors.

Shy Elvira must challenge her fears both in everyday life with the new colloquial friends and with the mystery of the room 213.

A summer camp turns into a nightmare for three high school students when paranormal events unleash.

Awards and festivals:
• Dublin International Film Festival 2018 - Fantastic Flix Children's Jury Award
• Giffoni Film Festival 2017 – Golden Gryphon
• Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 2017 - Children's Film Award
• Nordic Film Days Lubeck 2017 - Children's Jury Prize

Airing times

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