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Mariza and the story of Fado - Portugal





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Mariza and the story of fado (2004)

Director: Simon Broughton
Cast: Mariza

Fado, the beautiful and evocative traditional music of Portugal, is the music of sorrow and longing - songs that convey the poetry of love. Right now there's a massive revival and at the forefront of the new wave is Mariza, a stunning, internationally acclaimed singer of Portuguese-Mozambican extraction. 'Mariza and the story of fado' examines the art of fado, its history and development, featuring interviews with and performances by Mariza and other fadistas, musicians and experts. Filmed for the BBC on location in Lisbon, Portugal, the programme contains archive footage of famous past singers, including the legendary Amalia Rodrigues, as well as images of the city itself, evoking a great sense of atmosphere. Central to the programme is a specially filmed concert given by Mariza and her musicians in the UK.

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