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Melissa Mars - French Music

Melissa Mars

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Melissa Mars: On the Set of Mozart Opera


Eurochannel broadcasts a special interview of Melissa Mars, with footage from her concerts as well as the hit show “Mozart, the Rock Opera.” Discover Melissa Mars in a special interview including footage of her concerts and the show “Mozart, the Rock Opera.”


Melissa was born in Marseille in March on September 3, 1979. She’s a French actress and singer who made her first steps on stage at the Chocolate Theatre at the age of thirteen. She tried her luck in Paris after finishing high school and released her first album, And Then! in 2003. With only little media coverage, the single "Daddy loves me not" was quite successful.

In early 2005, she returned with a new album, The Queen Bee, whose first single was "... And I Hate You." She also appeared on Lara Fabian’s album 9, where they both interpreted The Homéricains.

In 2006 she gave a series of concerts at the Les Déchargeurs Theatre where she mixed her eclectic music with colorful pop and folk melodies. A new edition of her album The Queen Bee came out with the remix of "...And I Hate You", a duet with Irmavep, "Red Riding Hood", and a new version of the song "Apocalips". She also sang in a duet with Pascal Obispo: the songs "The Machine" and "1980". This single made her known to the public. She then became the muse of the new autumn-winter collection of the brand NafNaf.

The single "Love Machine" from the album In Search of Lost Love was released in September 2007. In 2010, she appeared in the American film From Paris With Love alongside John Travolta and began a tour across France, Belgium and Switzerland, appearing in Mozart, the rock opera, directed by Olivier Dahan, director of the film La Vie En Rose. Her electro sounding single, "And I want to dance" was released in April 2011.








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