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Interview with Lukáš Vaculík

Methanol (Methanol, 2018)
Czech Republic

Director: Tereza Kopácová
Lukás Vaculík, David Máj, Tomás Bambusek
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime
Length: 2x90’


Based on a true story. In summer 2012, detectives are facing their most horrifying case in history. Within a few weeks, a lethal cocktail lead to a death spree and terrorized the nation. One shot, you go blind. Two shots, you die. Eurochannel premieres Methanol… a series about all that can go wrong in you drink from the wrong glass.

This two-part miniseries recounts a thrilling story that could happen again anytime soon, anywhere in the world. In Methanol, Rudolf comes up with a fatal idea of a spirit drink after he learns of his imminent dismissal from the chemicals firm he works for. In less than a month, alcohol produced from a mix of ethanol and highly poisonous methanol killed at least 38 people and seriously poisoned at least 80 others - with the potential to cause further thousands of deaths.

In this harrowing representation of a twisted society, men gamble ruthlessly with human lives in what turned to become the biggest modern history judicial case in the Czech Republic. In 2012, regulations limiting the sale of alcohol boosted the black market and unscrupulous men to profit from human’s attraction for booze and the forbidden.

Based on court archives and interviews with the investigators, doctors and victims, Methanol became one of the most acclaimed Eastern European series of the last decade. Eye-catching and dark, the series’ gripping and vexing plot is flawlessly matched with the superb acting of its protagonists.

Eurochannel invites you to discover a surprising and eye-opening story of greed and crime, in which victims could be as innocent as your own family!

Methanol – Part 1

Rudolf (David Máj) is bound to be fired from the chemicals firm he works for. This drives him to try extra hard to impress Malota (Lukás Vaculík), a dodgy dealer, with a plan to slash the price of the spirits mix he sells illegally.

Methanol – Part 2

Captain Hálek (Vasil Fridrich) investigates a case with the highest number of victims and indictments since 1989. How quickly can he find the murderer in the form of 10,000 liters of a poisonous alcohol mix and make sure the deaths stop?

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