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Mont Blanc Murder - Pierre-Antoine Hiroz - France



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Mont Blanc Murder (Mémoire de glace, 2007)

Cast: Yannis Baraban, Ludmila Mikaël, Natalia Dontcheva
Director: Pierre-Antoine Hiroz
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime
Rating: 14


On the coldest side of the Mont Blanc, Lieutenant Martin Le Kerrec is summoned to investigate the discovery of a dead body. He soon finds himself swept into a chilling mystery of murder, secrets and robberies. Eurochannel premieres Mont Blanc Murder, a suspense thriller set in the most beautiful, yet terrifying, European snowscape!

In Mont Blanc Murder, Lieutenant Martin Le Kerrec follows the clues behind the death of Bertrand Santini, a man thought to have left the country and settled in Australia 15 years ago, but whose body has recently been discovered. In the course of his investigation, the Lieutenant discovers an intrigue with multiple ramifications linking the victim’s family, ex-lovers, and a gang of diamond robbers.

Secrets, lies and betrayals are at the heart of this crime thriller. As Le Kerrec’s investigation develops, it becomes clear that Santini’s exile to Australia was a well-kept secret by his father . . . but his reasons are as shocking as they are dangerous!

Eurochannel presents an engaging thriller set in the magnificent landscapes of Mont Blanc, in which ice keeps more than incorrupt bodies . . . it keeps secrets that will not melt in the fiercest of fires.


An inspector newly transferred to the small Mont Blanc region has been given a strange case, of a man whose body was trapped in the ice for 15 years, with his parents believing that he was in Australia that whole time.

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