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Motherhood (Ukraine, 2018) by Eurochannel

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Motherhood (Devochki moi, 2018)

Cast: Valeriya Fedorovich, Dmitriy Pchela, Dmitriy Shevchenko
Director: Nikolai Mikhailov
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4
Length: 50’


After decades of mistrusting men in their family, Tatiana and her daughters fear that it is all about to change when one of them meets Mr. Right! Eurochannel premieres Motherhood, a brand-new drama full of surprises, jokes and tears. A new series that proves right the old saying of “never say never”!

Motherhood follows the lives of Tatiana, her two daughters and her granddaughter. Tatiana is a fitness instructor at one of the best gyms in town, her elder daughter works as a secretary in a company while the younger still goes to high school. Tatiana’s experiences with men and in marriage have been painful. She tries to inculcate that same mistrust to her daughters… But it all changes when one of them falls in love!

Divided in four gripping episodes, Motherhood takes a deep look into the psychology of many women in Europe who have been victims of decades of machismo. Sometimes forced to raise a family on their own, a whole generation of women have grown bitter towards any kind of relationship with men. Tatiana is one of them, always trying to find a good man but deep inside, not giving her complete faith in any of them.

Through black and witty humor, Motherhood’s leading characters deliver entertainment galore with their adventures. As Tatiana tries to make realize her eldest daughter the wrong in falling in love with a married man, she will discover that love might also be knocking her door in the most unexpected of ways.

Eurochannel invites you to discover a unique family of women. They are all strong but tender, confident but sentimental, and will soon discover that it is only through love that they will find complete happiness!

Episode 1:

Tatiana, is a fitness instructor, in great shape and a very active woman. Despite all her efforts to find the perfect man, she remains alone with her two daughters.

Episode 2:

Because of the scandal at school, authorities want to kick one of Tatiana's daughter out as well as make her pay for damaged to property. The girl only wants to find out who her father really is.

Episode 3:

Yana meets her real dad and is very upset that he has another woman. It turns out that he does not even know that he had a daughter.

Episode 4:

Stepan wants to restore relations with Ulyana. Finally, Cyril, a caring man, begins to court Tatiana. Will he be finally Mr Right?

Airing times

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