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Murder Town (Wenn du wüsstest wie schön es hier ist, 2015)

Director: Andreas Prochaska
Cast: Fritz Egger, Branko Samarovski, Simon Hatzl, Gerhard Liebmann
Genre: Crime, action
Length: 90’


Finding a body in a disused mine is alarming for any small town. But it’s even more worrying when the corpse is of a young girl, from a prominent family! Eurochannel premieres Murder Town, a gripping crime thriller that proves that nobody is ever truly safe!

The body of the local MP is found by the most naïve police officer in a small town. He is used to seeing violent deaths only on television and this case is a challenge that becomes a turning point in his career. That is the story followed in Murder Town.

As the plot develops, detective Hannes Muck realizes that this case goes beyond his imagination. The investigation soon reveals that the victim has played a dangerous game. She discovered her dad had been having an affair – something that could be damaging for the reputation of the prominent politician. But who would go as far as murder to protect one’s reputation?

With suspects galore, Murder Town masterfully blends the best of procedural crime dramas with an emotional whodunit, to deliver a one-of-a-kind story in which nobody is who they appear to be.

Eurochannel invites you to a small town to unravel all the darkest secrets that its citizens, prominent or not, keep to maintain a pure, but fragile façade.

The darkest secrets of a small town come to light after the young daughter of a local politician is found dead.

Airing times


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