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Interview with Thierry Binisti

Murdered (Assassinée, 2012)

Director: Thierry Binisti 
Cast: Patricia Kaas, Serge Hazanavicius, Raphaël Boshart, Nathalie Kanoui
Genre: Drama, crime


What would you do if your daughter is found dead on the day she turns 20? To what extent could you go to make sure her murderer does not go unpunished? Eurochannel presents Murdered, a poignant French drama in which a mother will not rest until she finds the person behind her family’s tragedy.

This drama will touch the heart of every viewer, whether or not they’re parents. Directed by Thierry Binisti, Murdered tells the story of Cathy, a mother whose grief guides every one of her actions after her daughter Eva is mysteriously killed the day before she turns 20. Cathy had everything prepared for Eva’s great celebration, but joy turned into despair as Eva’s body is found and the French judicial system takes more than a year to find the person responsible.

This touching production was one of Frances’s best TV successes upon premiere as it recorded 5,5 millions of viewers and 20% of market share. Dedicated to the Association Aide aux Parents d'Enfants Victimes, a nationwide association of victims that helps other victims in France, Murdered sheds light on an issue often overlooked in modern Europe: child disappearance and murder. However, it offers a ray of hope on how to face life after such tragic loss.

Eurochannel invites you to discover an emotional drama, and to embark with Cathy on a journey of justice and forgiveness as she sets out to discover the truth behind the death of her daughter.    


Cathy (Patricia Kaas) has been preparing herself since early morning. She is about to celebrate her daughter Eva’s 20th birthday. But on this very day, Cathy’s life is turned upside-down with the shocking news that her daughter has been murdered.

Airing times

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