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Mute (Дитина на мільйон, 2017)

Cast: Anastasia Panina, Andrey Isaenko, Maxim Boryak, Sergey Siplivy
Director: Taras Dudar
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4


Yegor is a 7-years-old boy hiding a secret worth a fortune. After a traumatic experience, he does not speak a word but his silence could cost him more than his life. When a loving woman attempts to adopt him, both their lives will take a dramatic turn. Eurochannel premieres Mute, a suspense-filled series about the power of silence!

Mute is a four-part drama following the story of Yegor and Anastasia. He is the son of a jailed criminal and she is an artist desperate to give her caring love to somebody who could appreciate it. After a divorce from her husband, Anastasia’s dream of becoming a mother crumble to pieces. Her only chance is adoption and Yegor is the perfect boy for her… There is only one problem, the boy is being monitored by the mob.

With a plot full of twists, Mute is a nail-biting drama with surprises in every episode. As Anastasia gets the custody of the boy and falls in love with an investigator, the mob kidnaps Yegor to make him reveal the secret he has: the hiding place of a loot from his father, worth millions of euros.

Emotions run high in this production, which became one of the most expensive of Eastern European television in recent years. With a dynamic cinematography, every action scene is masterfully blended with a layered story and emotional acts, leaving viewers wishing for more than four episodes

Eurochannel invites you to feel the thrill of a woman eager to give her love to a boy in need, as the mafia goes after their precious relationship. All involved will stop at nothing until their wishes come true!

Mute – E1

Anastasia dreams to adopt a 7-year-old boy, Yegor, from an orphanage. However, the boy is not a simple kid: two criminals have been watching over him. He knows a secret place where a lot of money is hidden.

Mute – E2

The orphanage manager decides to cheat the thugs and find the money himself. To do this, he takes the boy away from the orphanage. Anastasia gets help from a cop to help her find him.

Mute – E3

Anastasia and Andrei follow the manager, who takes Yegor to his hometown. This is where the money is hidden. They are all followed by the thugs, who will stop at nothing to get the boy.

Mute – E4

Anastasia and Andrei start falling in love with each other, but they must first find Yegor. The thugs find the manager, kill him and take Yegor. There’s one more problem: they don’t know how to make the boy speak and help them.

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