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Want to find out the spectacular results of a collision between supremely talented Italian rock Gods collide and lyrical musical masterpieces? No problem, we've got it all here on Eurochannel. We deliver the outcome to your television in this massively exciting exclusive Euromusic special as we jam with Italy's leading rock band: Negramaro.

Negramaro burst onto the music scene in 2005 and have been captivating enthralled audiences ever since. A powerful sonic tornado of hard rock, electronica, and orchestra, their music adroitly navigates genre and preference. Through a potent voice communicating cleverly constructed lyrics, their songs explore the existential anguish of being unable to transcend the individual, to connect with other people, to escape solitude and isolation.

Despite initial resistance from their homeland during their early days, Negramaro is now an act all Italians want to see. Their concerts are highly regarded as a "Tour-de-force" of mind-blowing music and their visual effects have been rewarded with accolades such as the MTV Music Award for Best Italian Act and Best Newcomer at Sanremo in 2005.

Honoring their name (Negramaro is a red wine grape variety native to southern Italy) Negramaro features on Eurochannel to prove why years of hard work, consistency and raw talent will always pay off in the end.


Negramaro is an Italian rock band formed in 1999 by Giuliano Sangiorgi (leading voice, piano, guitar), Emanuele Spedicato (guitar), Ermanno Carlà (bass), Danilo Tasco (drums), Andrea Mariano ( keyboards, synthesizer, programming, editing), Andrea De Rocco (samples). Their name was conceived in homage to Negroamaro, a wine produced in their native region, Salento. After years spent in the Italian alternative market, they became famous in the mainstream in 2005 thanks to the Festival de Sanremo. The band has released four studio albums and one live album, recorded at the "Scala" of football, Milan FC's home stadium San Siro.


• Their latest album Casa 69 is named after the flat number the band members share.

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