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Nina Badrić


Croatian music is not commonly heard on mainstream Anglo radio stations across the world. Such deprivation of tunes for plenty of music lovers finally comes to an end with this Euromusic special we have prepared. Surrender to the dazzling tunes and enchanting voice of one of Croatia’s greatest music artists in modern history. Nina Badric is on Eurochannel!

With a career spanning over 20 years, Nina Badrić is one of the most gifted, award-winning and most prized musicians to come from Croatia. Also successful in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey, her mesmerizing songs transport to the paradisiacal beaches of Croatia as well as somehow remind the most romantic tunes of Christina Aguilera.

Success, awards and popularity follow this talented musician even beyond Croatian borders, where peers and the public have pronounced her for one of the best and most loved pop singers in the ex-Yugoslavia region. Nina started to sing as a 9-year-old girl in the "Zvjezdice" children's choir, where she quickly became one of the leading solo singers. By singing in a choir she learned to sing gospel and built up her self-esteem thanks to the many concerts and performances. Years after her talent took her to represent Croatia in the Eurovision contest.

Having flirted with all musical genres: pop music, gospel, RnB, sevdah, Macedonian folk music and jazz. Nina has left a mark in each of these genres, a personal interpretation that can’t leave anyone indifferent… and she is now on Eurochannel to cast us with her voice!


Nina Badrić is a Croatian pop singer born 4 July 1972. Before starting her career in the entertainment industry she used to be a bank teller. She began performing in early 1990s, exploiting the sudden popularity of dance music, but her repertoire gradually became more mainstream. She also enjoys popularity in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey.

Airing times

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