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Obsession - Antoinette Beumer - Netherlands

Obsession (Netherlands, 2015) by Eurochannel



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Obsession (Rendez-vous, 2015)

Director: Antoinette Beumer
Loes Haverkort, Jennifer Hoffman, Pierre Boulanger
Genre: Thriller, drama
Rating: 14


Simone needs a change. The sudden inheritance from her mother presents as the perfect opportunity to leave her country for a new and challenging experience. After moving to an old French farmhouse with her family, she falls for a young local and becomes tangled in a web of desire and deceit. Eurochannel premieres the Dutch thriller, Obsession!

Based on a bestselling novel, Obsession is a story of lust, greed and murder. When Simone inherits a decrepit mansion in the South of France she decides to move there with her husband and their two children, to turn it into their new home and a profitable B&B. While the chaos of renovation grows, Simone spirals into a thrilling affair with one of the French construction workers, the handsome and young Michel. Slowly, she loses control of her life and the French dream turns into her worst nightmare.

Enriching an already gripping plot, the movie’s score plays an important role in drawing viewers into the troubles and cravings of its protagonists. The music of French multi-award-winning pop star Stromae reverbs from beginning to end with hits like “Alors On Danse,” “Formidable,” “Touts les Mêmes,” and many more!

Eurochannel invites you to join a family as their long-time dream turns into a never-ending nightmare. Simone and her family will prove that to stay together, one must be willing to do the direst things!


Simone (Loes Haverkort) inherits a dilapidated country house in France and makes her way there with her husband Eric and their two children. Her dream is to renovate the house but as the hectic pace of the rebuilding gets underway, she gets falls into the romance and chaos of it all. Losing sight of her goals, she must find her way back to the dreams and ambitions that brought her there in the first place.

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