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Only You (Baciati Dall’Amore, 2010)

Cast: Giampaolo Morelli, Gaia Bermani Amaral, Lello Arena, Marco Columbro
Genre: Comedy, romance
Episodes: 6


In sunny and charming Naples, a miracle is about to happen. It is love at first sight between Carlo and Valentina, who come from opposing backgrounds. Once they meet, their destinies will change forever . . . sometimes for good, sometimes not. Eurochannel premieres Only You, a wacky series with plenty of trademark Italian humor!

Only You follows the lives of two very different families as an improbable romance sparks between the protagonists: Carlo Gambardella and Valentina Trevisol. The Gambardellas are the typical and colorful Neapolitan family ― always cheerful and seeing the bright side of life. In contrast, the Trevisols come from Milan ― they are snobbish and always want to be on the top of the food chain.

The families have nothing in common, until Carlo and Valentina are involved in a minor car accident, and when a strange case of mistaken identity puts Gaetano, Carlo’s father, in prison instead of the city’s most wanted mafia boss!

In this hilarious comedy of misunderstandings, Carlo and Valentina fall in and out of love as they discover more about themselves. In the meantime, Gaetano makes the most of his mistaken identity ― he is respected amongst the inmates, leads most of the prison initiatives, and flirts with the jail’s governor . . . for him, life shines brighter than it did at home!

Eurochannel premieres a hilarious romcom series proving that love at first sight exists . . . One just has to survive the hurdles that come with it!

Only You – E1

Florist Carlo Gambardella (Giampaolo Morelli) and biologist Valentina Trevisol (Gaia Bermani Amaral) meet one day by chance and their lives change forever. He is the single father of five children, struggling every day with his cumbersome family. In contrast, Valentina’s life is much quieter. She’s the daughter of a harsh magistrate engaged in a trial against a mafia boss.

Only You – E2

Carlo (Giampaolo Morelli) tries to contact Valentina (Gaia Bermani Amaral) again but she, scared off by the discovery that he has five children, reluctantly returns to Tommaso's (Flavio Montrucchio) side to continue their search for a new house.

Only You – E3

Carlo (Giampaolo Morelli) tries to make it up to Valentina (Gaia Bermani Amaral) after Antonio's farce at the hospital. But she seems intent on staying with Tommaso (Flavio Montrucchio), whom she loves for his stable nature. Carlo, moved by her words, decides to become a “strong and reliable man” to win her back.

Only You – E4

Unable to resign himself to the fact that Valentina (Gaia Bermani Amaral) is out of his life, Carlo (Giampaolo Morelli) looks for her where she usually works out but, together with her mother and sister, she is busy with preparations for her upcoming wedding.

Only You – E5

The reconciliation between Valentina (Gaia Bermani Amaral) and Carlo (Giampaolo Morelli) proves to be short-lived; after Tommaso (Flavio Montrucchio) tells her that Carlo is still married, Valentina feels cheated yet again and leaves him.

Only You – E6

Valentina (Gaia Bermani Amaral) struggles to be accepted by Carlo’s family. While Mr. and Mrs. Trevisol meet the Gambardella family, Gaetano (Pietro Taricone) comes face to face with the feared boss, but the meeting proves to have an unexpected and surprising outcome for both. The upshot is something that changes the destiny of both families.

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