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Parental Guidance (Italy, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Parental Guidance (Ambo, 2014)

Cast: Serena Autieri, Marzio Romano Falcione, Adriano Giannini
Director: Pierluigi Di Lallo
Genre: Comedy
Length: 90’


When Giulio and Veronica decided to have a second child, they did not think it would almost cost them their marriage. Eurochannel premieres Parental Guidance, an Italian dramatic comedy about betrayals, hopes, and the healing power of love!

Parental Guidance is a feel-good dramatic and romantic comedy that follows Veronica and Giulio as they are trying to conceive their second child. After several tests, Giulio discovers to be infertile. The idyllic romance seems to break when Giulio begins to suspect he is not the biological father of the child, while Veronica tries to understand what is going on with her husband.

Set in Abruzzo, Parental Guidance embodies all the characteristics of a good Italian comedy. Through a riveting story of disappointment and redemption, the lead characters of this movie support the comedy’s homage to love and the importance of family. It is only Giulio finds himself isolated, only as a product of bitterness and his actions, that he discovers the power of his feelings for Veronica.

Eurochannel invites you to laugh and cry with the adventures of a family on the verge of collapse. Alongside Giulio, Veronica, and their little child, you will discover that only forgiveness will pave the way for a better world!


Trying to conceive a second child, Giulio (Adriano Giannini) discovers he is infertile and suspects his wife, Veronica (Serena Autieri), has been unfaithful. While Veronica tries to understand what is happening with her husband, Giulio sets on a mission to investigate his wife’s possible affair.

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