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Paris Undercover (Belleville story, 2009)

Cast: Pascal Aubert, Tien Shue, Ottis Ba, Nicolas Baloche
Director: Arnaud Malherbe
Genre: Drama
Length: 90’


Paris never sleeps. In the constantly revolving neighborhood of Belleville, two men will have to face each other to come out alive. Eurochannel premieres Paris Undercover, an action drama full of adrenaline, shootings, fights and gangsters… Welcome to the underworld of France’s capital!

Set in a frenetic night, Paris Undercover tells the story of two men: Freddy and Mr Zhu. The former is a young thug eager to escalate in the street mob rankings. The latter, a mysterious Chinese man who has arrived in Paris without a single suitcase but with a burdensome mission. When their paths cross, blood runs throughout the streets.

Based on a successful graphic novel, Paris Undercover delivers what it promises. As the plot develops and the main characters meet, Freddy is commissioned to kill Mr Zhu, but the elusive Chinese turns into a challenging task for the young ruffian. In this long and feverish night, clashing fists, guns and knives in the underworld of the always-awoken Belleville, both characters discover that there is still some good in their souls.

With a cinematography and a plot with traces of social realism and fantasy, Paris Undercover evokes other great works of cinema like Trainspotting, La Haine and This is England. Such comparisons by the press are not amiss, as the film earned its director the Best Debut Film Award at the Festival of La Rochelle.

Eurochannel welcomes you to the dark alleys of one of the most treacherous Parisian neighborhoods for an adrenaline-pumping night of action!


The fate of two intriguing and deadly figures intertwine when a young petty tough is ordered to kill Mr Zhu, a senior man who has just arrived from China to plunge into Paris’ most dangerous neighborhood at night.

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