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Past Sins

Past Sins

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Past Sins (Endabrechnung, 2016)

Director: Umut Dag
Cast: Harald Windisch, Robert Palfrader, Thomas Rizzoli
Genre: Crime, thriller
Length: 91’


A detective escaping from his past. A marriage with strange friendship and connections. A tangled crime to solve. Welcome to a case of unforgiving consequences. Eurochannel premieres Past Sins, a crime thriller in which all are suspects and nobody will be safe.

Detective Höllbacher plans to retire in a quiet and small town. After a dramatic mistake in the city, he choices to spend his last years in the force surrounded by tranquility and the familiar face of his new boss, a friend from the past. What seemed like a paradise, suddenly takes a dark turn after a harrowing homicide.

The case is as puzzling as vicious. A marriage shot dead for apparent terrorist reasons swiftly turns into a much-tangled investigation that brings back memories for detective Höllbacher. To complicate further the detective’s situation, a rival from his previous post interferes with the case.

Set on the Austrian-Italian border, Past Sins deals with controversial topics such as religious stereotypes, government corruption and corporate crimes. Through riveting storytelling, the director delivers a whodunit-like movie, leaving viewers expectant until the final revealing minutes.

Eurochannel invites you to meet one of the most intriguing characters of European crime movies in recent years, with a story that delivers action, excitement, and plenty of thrills!


After making a dramatic mistake, a city detective is forced to resign. To leave this ordeal behind him, he retires to an isolated countryside town. He quickly realizes it is far from over.

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