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Payback (Versus, 2019)

Director: François Valla
Cast: Jérémie Duvall, Jules Pélissier, Lola Le Lann
Genre: Drama, thriller
Length: 120’


A ride bus home turns into a nightmare for a teenager. After being robbed, Achile tries to get his wallet back, only to be the victim of a brutal attack that will turn him into the monster he always hated. Eurochannel premieres Payback, an emotional thriller about justice and revenge.

Payback follows the story of Achile, a teenager who tries to recover from a vicious attack in Paris. Scarred not only on the outside but also in his pride, his parents send him to spend some time to recover at the beach townhouse of a family member. There when he meets Brian, a violent young man, Achile faces his demons to become what he always feared.

Inspired by a true story, Payback is an unusual, hybrid film that oscillates between a teenage chronicle and genre film. While Ahcile heals his emotional wounds with the help of a summer love affair, he also plunges into the dark places of his mind for a dive of no return.

Praised by the specialized press, Payback falls into a growing trend of dark thrillers, drawing inspiration for its cinematography and narrative. Adding to that, the thought-provoking theme of post-traumatic stress is at the heart of this engaging production as viewers witness the harrowing transformation of its leading character.

Eurochannel invites you to be thrilled by the transformation of a young boy into a senseless emotional man that will transform his life into everything he always hated.

Inspired by true events. A wealthy teenager is the victim of a brutal assault. He goes off the deep end in his thirst for revenge.

Airing times

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