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Interview with Claudio Bisio

Interview with Jennipher Rodríguez

People Who Are Well (La gente chesta bene, 2014)

Director: Francesco Patierno
Cast: Claudio Bisio, Margherita Buy, Diego Abatantuono, Jennipher Rodriguez
Genre: Comedy


Eurochannel presents People Who Are Well, an Italian production that proves the classic traditionof Italian comedyis still alive and thriving. Come meet a mischievous lawyer who will trick life and his loved ones to get his way in People Who Are Well.

This film will make you laugh from beginning to end. The mastermind behind it is Francesco Patierno, who was also behind Things from Another World, previously aired by Eurochannel. In People Who Are Well, you will meet Umberto Maria Dorloni, one of Italy’s most hilarious lawyers. Hated by many and amusing to very few, Umberto lives a happy-go-lucky life until his boss drops a bomb on him: he will be fired due to costs reductions in the firm.

Loosely based on the novel, La Gente Che Sta Bene, by Federico Baccomo, People Who Are Well takes an innovative and humorous view of social problems like business ethics, the economic crisis and unemployment. With a cast of A-list actors like Claudio Bisio, Margherita Buy, Diego Abatantuono, this dark comedy lives up to the expectations of all those fond of Italian cinema. And if a cast of legends of Italian cinema weren’t enough, the stunningly beautiful Venezuelan-born actress Jennipher Rodriguez spices up the story with a character that changes Umberto’s cheeky view of life forever.

Enjoy an entertaining story about a lawyer whose love for luxury and low morals will change as life teaches him his hardest but most comical lesson!


Umberto Maria Dorlonim (Claudio Bisio) is a successful lawyer and a socialite who likes parties and a lavish life. He’s got it all, except any ethical qualms. He will never admit it, but he knows that his stay-at-home wife’s got far more brains than he doesand is much better at dealing with their problem children. Only a step away from the top, his perfect world crumbles, showing him the brutal downside tohis life; in a tragicomic downward spiral of deceptions and setbacks, he understands he must fight back to regainhis place in society, but as a new man.

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