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Perversion (Mare Nero, 2006)

Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Anna Mouglalis, Maurizio Donadoni
Director: Roberta Torre
Genre: Drama
Rating: 14


After a girl is murdered, a young police inspector plunges into the darkest and most immoral side of Roma’s nightlife. He wants to solve the case, but soon enough finds himself immersed in a web of lust, sex and crime. Eurochannel premieres Perversion, an Italian drama which will leave you wanting more!

Perversion is a journey through lust and the murkiest side of the human desires! This engaging drama follows the investigation of a vicious murder, when an upper-class escort is found in an apartment by the sea, bound and beaten following kinky sex. The officer in charge of the case, Detective Luca Mocci, and his girlfriend have just moved to a new apartment and are planning a happy life. However, Mocci’s enquiries soon verge on obsession, leading him to play a perverse game into which he also drags his girlfriend.

In this intense drama, viewers will enter a dark world of prostitution, swinging and crime. As the detective’s investigation develops, he frequents other escorts, sex clubs, and streets where men and women let their partners have sex with strangers just for pleasure.

Blending the best of giallo, noir and a bit of Pasolini’s touch, award-winning director Roberta Torre delivers a unique and original story of crime in Rome, praised by the press and critics upon release. Perversion was nominated for the Golden Leopard at the 2006 Locarno International Film Festival.


Investigating the death of a young woman, a police inspector finds himself exploring the torrid and mysterious side of Roma’s night life. This investigation will end up becoming an obsession, causing him to even drag his own companion into a perverse game . . .

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