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Point-Blank (États d'Urgence, 2019)

Director: Vincent Lannoo
Cast: Olivia Ruiz, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Hubert Delattre
Genre: Crime, drama
Length: 90’


There is nothing worst for a police officer than being accused of robbing. Especially, when you’re the best officer in the precinct. Eurochannel premieres Point-Blank, an action drama about the daily life of the French police force.

Point-Blank is one of those films that keeps you thrilled from the first to the final scene. Following the story of Justine, this movie reflects on the many difficulties of being a police officer in a troubled neighborhood.

She is the only woman in the station’s crime squad but that does not mean she’s any weak – instead, she leads by example! One day during a routine operation, she is accused of stealing 5 thousand Euros and her life starts to crumble apart.

At work things are tense as internal affairs investigate her and the public’s scorn grows increasingly towards the police – at home, it is all mayhem as well. Justine’s relationship with her son is aloof and their growing distance means that he despises her career and duties. She soon has to decide between her career or her family.

Eurochannel premieres an action-packed production that reveals the victories and defeats of thousands of police officers across Europe - a worth-watching insight into the life of modern law enforcers!

Justine is one of the best police officers in the crime squad. Her world crumbles apart when she is accused of stealing money during a raid.

Airing times

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