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Precipice (Sommernachtsmord, 2016)

Director: Harald Sicheritz
Cast: Peter Mitterrutzner, Martin Leutgeb, Katharina Straßer
Genre: Crime, action
Length: 90’


When the body of a tourist is found in the gelid Alpine Swiss mountains, the peace in the closest town turns into a burning hell. An investigation and its leading detective will be sure to put everyone into question. Eurochannel premieres Precipice, a crime thriller about how cold humans can be.

Set in the mesmerizing snowy and green landscape of the Alps, Precipice follows a story as thrilling as intriguing. It all begins when a dairymaid reads the tarot to some friends and tourists. As the death card hits the table, things go awry. Soon enough, the body of a woman is found up in the mountains.

After the police climb the mountain to investigate and assess the crime scene, they discover that the body has disappeared. The main suspects are her husband, with whom she had a patchy relationship recently, and a local man whom she lent 10,000 Euros.

Through mystical signs, plot twists, and puzzling traces, Precipice plays with diverse film genres along its duration. Thriller, suspense and drama are the major players as the plot develops and viewers get immersed into the sinister reality of the Alpine town.

A tourist’s body is found in the mountains. The investigation closes in on the residents of a nearby seemingly peaceful town.

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