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Presumed Guilty (Non è stato mio figlio, 2016)

Director: Alessio Inturri, Luigi Parisi
Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Gabriel Garko, Adua Del Vesco, Massimiliano Morra
Genre: Drama


A family is shattered by a tragedy. The shocking suicide of Andrea’s niece will turn the joy of one of Italy’s wealthiest families into a living nightmare. Eurochannel premieres an exclusive Italian drama series portraying the life of a man framed by those who are closest to him . . . welcome to the world of a man Presumed Guilty!

Mixing the best of European crime drama with crackling dialogue and darkly wicked thrills, Presumed Guilty follows the misfortunes of the Grimaldi family. They are one of Italy’s most influential clans, and their pasta factory has brought them am immense fortune envied by many. Led by Anna, the family’s matriarch, they have also amassed a vast number of enemies!

It’s Anna’s birthday and the family are celebrating with a lavish party until their joy is turned to ashes by the sudden suicide of Anna’s granddaughter. Witnessed by the entire family, the tragedy sparks questions, and the prime suspect is Andrea . . . Anna’s favorite son and the family’s playboy! All the information gathered by the authorities reveals a plot in which corruption blends with envy, prostitution, secret pregnancies, raw love, and incestuous relationships.

Divided into eight episodes, Presumed Guilty further develops the family drama concept with a jaw-dropping story. Once the suicide investigation begins, the Grimaldis learn that, to restore their peace, they must pay the highest of prices.

Welcome to Italy to plunge into the aftermath of a fateful suicide. Will this family prove the innocence of Andrea, or will the tragedy forever cast the darkest shadow over them? Come find the answers in every episode of Eurochannel’s new series: Presumed Guilty.

Presumed Guilty – E1

A sudden tragedy distorts the life of a united and happy family. In the birthday celebration of the Grimaldi’s matriarch, Anna (Stefania Sandrelli), Barbara (Benedetta Gargari) his granddaughter commits suicide . . . all the clues lead to a reason to suspect Anna’s son Andrea (Gabriel Garko). Is he innocent or guilty?

Presumed Guilty – E2

After suspicions suddenly fall on Andrea (Gabriel Garko), Anna (Stefania Sandrelli) is shocked by the revelation of Saverio (Sergio Ruggeri). Meanwhile, Carlos carries out his plan against the Geraldis.

Presumed Guilty – E3

While Andrea (Gabriel Garko) is in jail, little Carlotta (Aurora Giovinazzo) begins to reveal some of the secrets that she keeps for her grandmother, Anna (Stefania Sandrelli).

Presumed Guilty – E4

Carlos and his accomplices take Lily (Valentina De Simone) and Barbara's baby prisoner and Andrea (Gabriel Garko) escapes from prison. Among dramatic events, suspicions and ambiguities, the Grimaldis will be put to the test and it will take all the strength of Anna (Stefania Sandrelli) and Andrea to keep the family together.

Presumed Guilty – E5

While Barbara's body is being exhumed, Anna (Stefania Sandrelli) receives a shocking phone call. Andrea (Gabriel Garko) takes refuge at Federico’s (Giorgio Lupano), discovering that his friend has betrayed him, plotting to steal the company and serving as an accomplice of the mysterious Carlos.

Presumed Guilty – E6

Federico (Giorgio Lupano) and Marilda (Anna Galiena) are found dead; Andrea (Gabriel Garko) asks Nunzia (Adua Del Vesco) to marry him; and Anna (Stefania Sandrelli) discovers something unthinkable and shocking.

Presumed Guilty – E7

The Geraldis are still being blackmailed. If they do not sell the company, they will not see Barbara's baby ever again. What will Andrea (Gabriel Garko) do to save the family and the future of his clan?

Presumed Guilty – E8

When the Geraldis manage to save their company and all seems to be happiness, Andrea (Gabriel Garko) receives shocking news about Nunzia (Adua Del Vesco). Will Andrea and his family manage to discover the identity of Carlos and finally find peace of mind?


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