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Red Line (Rédl, 2018)
Czech Republic

Cast: Ondrej Sokol, David Novotny, Martin Hofmann, Roman Polák
Director: Jan Hrebejk
Genre: Drama, thriller
Seasons: 1


Two young students testing a new railroad find that some Soviet wagons, packed with weapons, spare parts, ammunition and other valuable items, disappear inconceivably on the way east. Both men decide to get the problem straight. A few days later one of them is found dead and the other is probably on the run. Only one man can seem to uncover the mystery behind it all. Eurochannel premieres Red Line, a new series set in the turmoil of a new era in Eastern Europe.

Czechoslovakia, 1992. As the country is days away from becoming two different nations, former communists and democrats struggle to get hold of new power. In such a tumulus environment, the mafia makes the most of it. Drugs and weapons smuggling becomes a fruitful business about to cost many lives.

In Red Line, Lieutenant Redl investigates the disappearance of a neighbor. The situation turns out to be a convoluted crime that doesn't end in murder. This is just a minor event. And it will not remain the only violent act. Redl explores why two young men who invented a train tracking system could become a target for the local mafia.

Divided in four thought-provoking episodes and set in a special period, the early 1990s in Eastern Europe, when the communist era was barely over and capitalism could still not begin, Red Line is a portrait of a nation in chaos. The series not only depicts the division of the country but mainly also the decomposition of values.

Welcome to unravel the thrilling mystery behind the disappearance of two young students in a divided country. Mafia and authorities will fight relentlessly to get what they want!

Red Line – E1

Two young students testing a new railway tracking system find that some Soviet wagons disappear. Both men decide to get the problem straight. A few days later one of them is found dead while the other is on the run. Lieutenant Roman Redl starts an investigation and uncovers a powerful crime organization...

Red Line – E2

The two students are dead and military prosecutor Roman Rédl knows that killers can strike again at any time...

Red Line – E3

Murderers are trying to sweep traces of the weapons stolen from Soviet military trains. It's a game of time as both sides try to put together a picture of who they stand against. Rédl feels he has the advantage when he reveals the identity of the killers.

Red Line – E4

It is New Year's Eve of 1992 - the last day of Czechoslovakia. In one room is a dead body, in the other is Rédl on the brink of death. He must rely only on his own capacities, but sometimes surviving is not the best option…

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