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Revenge (Comme un mauvais souvenir, 2009)

Director: André Chandelle
Cast: Christine Citti, Bruno Putzulu, Marianne Basler
Genre: Crime, thriller
Length: 90’


Can love turn into obsession? What if it isn’t love but mere lust? Welcome to a decadent world in a small town. Here, the darkest secrets will be revealed as a woman commits suicide and a man returns from prison. Eurochannel premieres Revenge, a crime drama about the nastiest human sins.

Revenge follows the story of Romain, Angèle and her daughter. Romain and Angèle were lovers. He claims that she used her daughter to wreak revenge on him during their break-up. When he returns to town after 15 years in prison, Romain hopes to prove his innocence and have his case reviewed. Coincidentally, as he reappears Angèle jumps from her balcony and dies.

With a riveting plot, Revenge is a multilayered drama that intertwines myriad stories, all linked to Romain and Angèle. When a lawyer takes on Romain’s defense, she starts to unveil the darkest sins of the town. Lust, corruption, decadence and even murder have been kept secret for many years!

Dealing with controversial subjects like extramarital sex, polyamorous relationships, rape, and pedophilia, this thrilling drama takes you to discover how far can a man go to punish others for revenge.

A woman sends her lover to prison accusing him of raping her daughter. Fifteen years later, as he returns to prove his innocence, she is found dead.

Airing times

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