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Ruthless - Piotr Adamski - Poland

Ruthless (Poland, 2019) by Eurochannel

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Ruthless (Eastern, 2019)

Cast: Maja Pankiewicz, Paulina Krzyzanska, Marcin Czarnik
Director: Piotr Adamski
Genre: Drama
Year: 2019
Length: 75’


In a world governed by a ruthless patriarchal code, two young girls, in the name of the honor of their families, must end a bloody vendetta. Eurochannel premiers Ruthless.

Ruthless is a shocking vision of Poland, in which weapons are legal, the law of blood revenge is in force, and there is a war between conflicting families. In this alternative, dystopian reality, a peculiar game takes place behind the gates of a gated estate. This new, wonderful Poland is a conservative country which adheres to family values ​​and recognizes the right to revenge.

This is a world where weapons are legal, cartridges can be bought at a gas station, and people's lives are regulated by a ruthless blood code introduced by the state. Two girls get caught up in settlements between two neighboring families. The cult of family ties, violence or revenge in the name of honor are the values that these young girls do not believe in.

In this world ruled by violence, the code of honor and the law of the stronger, everyone is parading around with a gun, and as carnage unfolds between two feuding families, two young girls are trying to find themselves, who will finally understand that their situation will not change if they do not take matters into their own hands.

In a dystopian world, two sisters take a vicious revenge when their brother is murdered in a vendetta between two family clans.

Awards and festivals:
• Koszalinski Festiwal Debiutow Filmowych Mlodzi i Film (2019) - Winner –
Best Debut Actor Maja Pankiewicz
• Koszalinski Festiwal Debiutow Filmowych Mlodzi i Film (2019) – Winner -
Journalist Awards for Feature Film
• Polish Film Festival (2019) – Nominee - Panorama of Polish Cinema
• KineNova International Film Festival (2020) - Nominee - Grand Prix - Best Film

Airing times

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