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Seventh Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 3 – Away We Go

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The Seventh Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 3 – Away We Go

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its seventh edition, with a special programming theme: the European family.

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour has been a successful Eurochannel trademark for the last seven years. A unique event, the tour invites viewers to follow talented directors on an exciting exploration of Europe through short films: with the directors as guides, viewers discover fascinating cultures through the eyes of a filmmaker. Almost every European country and region is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - which is an example of the program’s creativity and dynamism. 


Bamako Saint-Afrique (Bamako Saint-Afrique , 2013)
France (Ile-de-France)

Director: Frédéric Jolfre


A dream for Djibril and Ali, the Malian team, who have a chance to win the Bamako-Saint-Afrique race for the first time. Going from dream to nightmare, Ali and Djibril learn that the border is often constricting when it’s faced with a clash of civilizations.

Biography - Frederic Jolfre


All of That (Sve to, 2012)

Director: Branislav Milatović


Danilo's friend from school passes away. His father wants to draw the boy's attention away from the funeral and from his obligations as class president by taking him on a day trip. For the father, taking his child fishing to protect him from sad experiences, such as a funeral, becomes much more difficult than he expected.

Biography - Branislav Milatović


Glimmering (Glimmering, 2015)

Director: Evelina Barsegian


Nastya cannot forgive herself for the fact that her father died alone. She punishes herself by alienating herself from life: moves away from friends, leaves university and also leaves the man she loves. Once at the cemetery, Nastya faces an experience that makes her realize she cannot deal with her grief alone.

Biography - Evelina Barsegian


Redemption (Iskupljenje, 2014)

Director: Mirna Dizdarević


Olga (54) and Goran (28) at first seem like two very ordinary people, but they find themselves in a situation where both of them are forced to return to the past and seek redemption.

Biography - Mirna Dizdarevic


Occasional Showers (Přeháňky, 2015)
Czech Republic

Director: Kaveh Daneshmand


On a tense journey with his wife and daughter, a weary husband struggles to keep his fraying family together. But as storm clouds gather, he looks to give up the shelter of their car.

Biography - Kaveh Daneshmand


Personal Development (Personal Development, 2014)

Director: Tom Sullivan


The recently divorced Fintan’s already fragile relationship with his daughter is put to the test with the arrival of some unexpected news.

Biography - Tom Sullivan

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