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Shadows of Death - Jirí Svoboda - Czech Republic

Shadows of Death (Czech Republic, 2022) by Eurochannel

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Shadows of Death (Vrazedné stíny, 2022)
Czech Republic

Director: Jirí Svoboda
Ondrej Vetchý, Tereza Hofová, Martin Finger
Genre: Crime
Length: 90’
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 2


A policeman accused of murdering the boss of the crime syndicate is determined to find the real killer, Eurochannel premiers Shadows of Death.

Detective Alan Kreiner and his partner go to a secret meeting with an informant, who has evidence for him of criminal activity in which Kreiner's colleagues are involved. But in addition to the informant, there is a shooter waiting in hiding at the meeting place. The actions in the middle of the abandoned building end tragically when Alan's boss is mortally wounded.

The police do not know about the presence of the mysterious shooter, or rather they do not want to know, and Alan is taken into custody as a murder suspect, as the gun used in the shooting was his private pistol.

Police investigators tamper with the facts and the evidence. Attorney Lindner, famous for his success in defending anyone who pays him well, unexpectedly appears as the defense attorney for the accused Alan. Paradoxically, he is willing to represent Alan for an incredibly low fee. Alan Kreiner needs to get free so he can prove his innocence and find the real killer.

He therefore accepts Lindner's offer, although he suspects that his services will soon be repaid in a different way. He will understand everything only when he finds himself in the villa of the banker Gerstner, who deliberately targeted the lieutenant accused of murder.

Part 1:
Lieutenant Alan meets with his boss in a secret meeting with an informant in order to acquire the evidence of corruption. A shooter is waiting in hiding at the meeting place.

Part 2:
Lieutenant Alan has been charged with the murder of his boss. Now he must establish his innocence and track down the real perpetrator.

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