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Shattered Destinies (Reflection of Desires, 2018)

Cast: Anastasia Ivanova, Oleg Gaas, Irina Antonenko, Ivan Solovyov
Director: Dmitry Matov
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 16
Length: 50’


Vika is a talented designer but after her father's death, her life crumbles apart. She will only find hope in a famous fashion house immerse in chaos and turmoil. Will she be able to save her future and the company? Tune in with Eurochannel to discover the answers with the premiere of the new drama series: Shattered Destinies.

There is no industry as dynamic as fashion, and Vika Grigorenko knows it. She is ambitious and dreams of becoming a prominent designer. Shattered Destinies follows her adventures to become one of the greatest in her country when she meets the Zborovsky family and begins to collaborate with their Fashion House… But it all comes at a price higher than she expected!

Full of intrigues, love affairs and family betrayals, Shattered Destinies depicts a riveting story behind a fashion house. To succeed, Vika will have to unveil many secrets, ask herself many difficult questions, survive losses and shocks. All with a sole purpose: to find out how beautiful and it is to dream, but also to become someone else's dream.

Eurochannel invites you to plunge into the heart and soul of a fashion house, and discover the behind the scenes through the adventures of Vika. She will stop at nothing until her dream of becoming famous in the style world comes true!

Episode 1:

Vika dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer. Her parents run a small tailor shop and a spot at a market. When Vika’s father dies, his debts put the whole family on the verge of poverty.

Episode 2:

Vika has support from only one person — Kostya, who starts helping Vika to understand the principles of trading at the market. Vika has other plans: she wants to work at a famous fashion house.

Episode 3:

Vika gets what she wants, but she does not know it is only the beginning of the challenges she and Kostya will have to face.

Episode 4:

After an accidental meeting of Oleg and Kostya, everything changes. The men surprisingly notice they look the same. From now on, they are to reveal a big secret of the Zborovky family.

Episode 5:

Kostya has an accident and already in the hospital introduces Vika to his mother. Meanwhile, Vika is mastering a new place in the Fashion House.

Episode 6:

Kostya’s mother wants to kill Oleg's and Gena's mother - she takes her from the hospital to the cemetery. Marina tries to substitute Vika and ruin her work by stealing her ideas and remake her collection.

Episode 7:

Sofia reveals a desire to convene a board of directors and appoint Oleg as CEO instead of Gena. In the Fashion House, Sophia accuses Vika of plagiarizing designs from her father.

Episode 8:

Gene threatens Oleg, who is actually Kostya. And Oleg successfully, under the cover of Kostya, begins to conduct the business of Sofia. Vika, meanwhile, proves that she is a talented designer.

Episode 9:

Gena’s mother wants to buy the shares of the company and substitute Oleg as the head of the company. Vika has a difficult relationship with her colleagues, she even thinks of quitting.

Episode 10:

Oleg makes a proposal to Vika while Gena’s mother commits a crime, but she could be acquitted and recognized as insane.

Episode 11:

Everyone at the fashion house is about to find out that who was Kostya hiding behind working under the name of Oleg.

Episode 12:

Gene helps her mother escape from a psychiatric hospital and decides to burn the premises of the company. Vika decides to marry Kostya.

Episode 13:

Gene escapes from prison. In the meantime, Vika doubts about her future, she does not know how to reconcile her love life and with her job.

Episode 14:

The fashion house business is getting better. A team of fashion designers comes up with a new collection. Detectives search for Gene and find him at Liza’s house.

Episode 15:

Gene sneaks into Vika’s house and stabs her with a knife, trying to kill her. Then he tries to escape. Gena's mother is in prison and rejoices that Gena is taking revenge.

Episode 16:

Oleg returns from America and makes an offer to Vika. She comes back to work and makes a successful collection.

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