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Shattered (Ronde De Nuit, 2019)

Director:Isabelle Czajka
Cast: Nacima Bekhtaoui, Samir Boitard, Olivia Côte
Genre: Drama, crime
Length: 90’


Two siblings with prominent public service careers and very little in common are threatened for the sins of their family’s past. After many years apart, they realize that only together can put an end to the torment that might end their lives. Eurochannel premieres Shattered, a riveting crime drama that is full of action and emotions!

Shattered follows the story of siblings Fouad and Mila. He is an up-and-coming politician, candidate for mayor at a local election. She is one of the best police officers in her precinct. When a young businesswoman disappears and is thought to be kidnapped or murdered, a case with intriguing ramifications begins, with the siblings at the heart of it.

Set between Marseille and Algeria, Shattered not only delivers a thrilling and gripping story, but also plenty of plot twists that will keep you waiting for the unexpected. As the plot develops, you will learn why Fouad and Mila grew apart and the reasons for the family’s collapse. Their father left the home years ago and Mila despises her mother.

Blending to perfection the best of genres like crime, thriller, and familiar drama, Shattered reflects on the lengths some people go to protect their families. Some are willing even to lose what is dearest to them to protect those they love the most.

Eurochannel invites you to be part of a mesmerizing police investigation in which there is more than meets the eye. Only through the most careful of moves, the siblings will be able to solve it and undo the sins their family made in the past.

The dark secrets of a family begin to be revealed as two siblings meet in the same city. When they clash, their family spirals down into chaos.

Airing times

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