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Shop of Dreams - Peeter Urbla - Maarja Jakobson - Estonia


Shop of Dreams

Shop of Dreams

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Shop of Dreams (Stiilipidu, 2005)

Director: Peeter Urbla
Cast: Maarja Jakobson, Anne Reemann, Evelin Pang


In Shop of Dreams, three friends return from a nice, relaxing holiday only to discover that not only have their jobs been snatched out from underneath them, but that their whole shop has vanished without warning. This isn’t just a story of unemployment, though. It’s a tale of hope, happiness, friendship, devotion, and even dreams.

Directed by the famed Peeter Urbla, Shop of Dreams is the perfect movie for a girls’ night in. It is the story of Alice, a TV costume designer who takes a much needed vacation to Portugal. Upon returning, however, she is shocked to find that the whole TV studio has closed down. Now, broke but eager to get back on her feet, Alice teams up with her two best friends to start a clothing shop. For these three ladies, this is the shop of their dreams: a place where they can finally do the work that they love.

Alice, played by the outstanding Maarja Jakobson, must deal with the darker side of business, ambition and fame. She and her friends struggle to make it in a world where success is hard won and everybody has a price; only the power of their friendship will see them through the challenges they are destined to face.


After a collapse of a TV company, Alice (Maarja Jakobson), Ada (Anne Reemann) and Jana (Evelin Pang) pick up the pieces of their lives by opening their own shop. Their store, a costume and make-up shop, is a place where dreams come to life, and their customers demand nothing less than magic with every order. Despite competition and disagreements, they run their business successfully.

All is well until suddenly their friendship is tested when a love affair takes a fatal turn. In the devastating fallout, their company closes down and the girls find themselves right back at square one, but they are no less determined to fix what’s been broken all over again. The film provides an intriguing picture of the big city, and the people who are struggling to find their identity within.


• Shop of Dreams was selected as Estonia’s Official Entry for the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
• Maria Jacobson won the Best Actress Award at the Kinoshock Film Festival in 2005. She was also chosen as the Berlinale Shooting Star at the Berlin Film Festival the same year.

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