Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 4 – Young at Heart

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Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 4 – Young at Heart

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its sixth edition, with a special programming theme: Youth in Europe.

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is already a successful Eurochannel trademark. As a unique event, the tour invites viewers and talented directors on a stirring tour of Europe through short films: directors will be the guides and viewers will be touring through their screens. Almost every European country is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - as an example of its creativity and dynamism.


Albatrosses (Albatrosses, 2013)

Director: Mike Kren


The now grown up Leoš remembers his childhood in communist Czechoslovakia of the 1970s, his escape to Austria, and his first impressions in this new home, but also the things and people he had to leave behind. A film about the lightness and fleetingness of childhood memories and the weight they can have for a whole lifetime.

Biography - Mike Kren

Welcome home

Welcome Home Emma-Rose (Welcome Home Emma-Rose, 2013)
UK: Wales

Director: Miriam Heard


Emma-Rose is a truck driver in the army and is coming home for 10 days, to her home in the countryside in North Wales, with her Gran and 10-year-old sister, Jenny, who cannot believe her big sister is home and can't get enough of her company. We see how being away for so long has affected their relationship, as Jenny also sees her big sister as a mother figure, and how being in the army has affected Emma-Rose. Jenny gets upset and angry because Emma-Rose is going away again; as she always says, it's the last time, but it never is.

Biography - Miriam Heard


Caipirinhas in Ipanema (Caipirinhas en Ipanema, 2013)
Spain: Andalusia

Director: Antonio Hernández Centeno


Antonio and his mate argue while they visit a European city. They stop by a square cafe to have a drink; a little boy, Antonio, comes by, and his father afterwards.

Biography - Antonio Hernández Centeno

Last trip

The Last Trip of Emile (Le dernier voyage d’Émile, 2013)
France: Jura

Director: Tibo Pinsard


Emile suffers a lot from his disability. He has suicidal tendencies and wishes to put an end to her life, while he doesn't want to cause any pain to his mother. That's why he flew to the Reunion Island, far from her, determined to exploit to the maximum — with his tour guide — the opportunities offered by this "intense island." But things won't turn out as expected by the depressed tourist.

Biography - Tibo Pinsard


Morning (Jutro, 2013)

Director: Sonja Prosenc


Father and son travel toward a better life in a new country. Both too similar and too isolated in their destinies, they drift apart and insist on their silent rebellion against each other. After an all-day ride, they spend the night at a desolated rest stop, too tired to think about their vulnerability. In the morning the father wakes up alone in the car and becomes aware of the terrifying event of the past night. On the edge of losing everything, he finds more than he could have hoped for the day before.

Jesus stopped

Jesus Stopped at Gyzi (O Christos stamatise stou Gyzi, 2013)

Director: Amerissa Basta


On the first day of the school year, a girl remembers the incidents that took place during the summer, when the family was forced to close their bookstore and move to their grandmother's house. Now the family has to maintain their dignity and keep the hope for the future alive. Inspired by Carlo Levi's Jesus Stopped at Empoli.

Biography - Amerissa Basta


The Anvil (L’Enclume, 2010)
France: Franche Comté

Director: Thierry Nevez


A little boy, on the evening of his tenth birthday, receives an anvil from his parents and keeps it with him at all time. This cumbersome present makes his life particularly difficult and prevents him from doing what he wants to do, including approaching the one he loves. But we are in a tale, and in a tale, everybody is entitled to a second chance.

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