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Sexy Zazy (Zazy, 2016)

Director: Matthias X. Oberg
Cast: Ruby O. Fee, Petra van de Voort, Philippe Brenninkmeyer
Genre: Drama


She’s cool, tender and a responsible worker. She is everybody’s dream come true . . . until you really get to know her. That’s when you discover that blackmail, terror and threats are in her playing cards. Eurochannel premieres Sexy Zazy . . . come meet the girl of your sleepless nights.

In Sexy Zazy, you will meet a girl like no other. Her smoking-hot body and angelical face will make you melt and surrender at her feet. But what lies beneath her appearance?

The story starts when Zazy, a teenage girl working as a couturier’s assistant in Italy, meets Marianna, a well-off German lady on holiday. Zazy’s boss dies mysteriously one day, and the only clue is Zazy’s suspicion that Marianna was having an affair with him, and their adventure went wrong. Now, unemployed and adrift, Zazy sees in Marianna the perfect opportunity to change her destiny forever.

In this intense thriller, viewers will plunge into a dark world of extortion and lust. Zazy and her boyfriend don’t miss the chance to unleash their sexual appetites at every opportunity. When they aren’t in bed, they are planning how to coerce Marianna to provide Zazy with a lavish apartment and a job in TV, and her boyfriend with a set of expensive gadgets and luxury clothes.

Posing questions about the meaning of loyalty, fame and treachery in a dark fashion, Sexy Zazy delivers an entertaining drama of surprising twists. In this witty dissection of a modern society, in which people is compelled to achieve success and earn more than everyone else, the depth of the extremes people can reach for vanity and money is revealed.

Eurochannel invites you to meet one of the most dangerous teenagers in cinema. Despite her appearance, she proves that wolves truly hide in sheep’s clothing. Beware!


Zazy (Ruby O. Fee) and her boyfriend stumble upon the truth behind a terrible accident, which they use to force Marianna (Petra van de Voort), a wealthy woman, into giving them the life they have always desired.

Airing times

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