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Snowscape (Neve, 2014)

Director: Stefano Incerti
Cast: Roberto De Francesco, Esther Elisha, Massimiliano Gallo, Antonella Attili
Genre: Drama


When a woman is in trouble, a true gentleman stops to help her. And this films starts with that;when Norah is left in the snow by her partner, a stranger decides to change his route and help her reach her destination. Little does he know that decision will be life-changing for both in an unforgettable adventure of romance, identity theft, robbery and escape. Eurochannel presents Snowscape.

Directed by Stefano Incerti, Snowscape is a movie about life’s coincidences. In the film, Donato is a prison nurse on a road trip that would secure the future of his daughter. He unexpectedly meets Norah, a woman thrown out of a luxury car whoends up sharing a ride with Donato.Why does Donato decide to help Norah and take her with him onhis mysterious journey? Why doesn't Norah leave Donato instead of staying with him until the end to learn the true reason forhis research?

Snowscape, also known in other markets as In the Snow, premiered in competition at the 23rd edition of Courmayeur Noir in Festival and was awarded with the Best Acting Performance Award at the festival. Set completely in a snowy landscape, this film intertwines the characteristics of a psychological thriller and drama. According to director Stefano Incerti, this is“a noir of the soul. But a noir in white. Because it’s not set but literally dropped into a constantly snow-filled landscape. A landscape that is not a setting but is the story’s third protagonist. Where I could undo the knots of a killer-less thriller. But which, entwined among the characters’ psychologies, could speak of all our consciences.”

Come travel across the coldest landscapes of Italy to discover the true reasons behind Donato’s journey and the presence of his unexpected companion. Will they develop a romance? Will they remain together after their secrets are revealed?


Donato (Roberto De Francesco) is looking for something that would secure his future. Norah (Esther Elisha)is a woman who isabandoned then chased by a small-time gangster, from whom she may have stolen something big. Why does Donato decide to help Norah, and take her along with him on his mysterious trip? Why doesn’t Norah leave Donato? Why does she stay with him to the very end, to find out what´s truly behind his search?

Awards and Festivals:

• Best Acting Performance Award – Courmayeur Noir In Festival 2014

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