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Storm Warning (Fräulein - Una Fiaba d'Inverno, 2016)

Director: Caterina Carone
Cast: Lucia Mascino, Christian De Sica, Therese Haemer, Irina Wrona
Genre: Comedy, Romance


The biggest solar storm in history is bound to hit the Earth. Frenzy takes over in a small town and in Regina’s life. She’s lived as a lone wolf but a greater tempest will affect her life . . . an unexpected visitor who will show her the joys of companionship. Eurochannel premieres Storm Warning, an Italian comedy that portrays the value of true friendship and companionship.

Storm Warning follows the lives of Regina and Walter, two very different characters joined by fate. She is reclusive, arrogant, and rejects any form of help or flirtation. He is hopeful and sees the silver lining in every dark cloud. As Walter arrives in the small town where Regina lives, and insists on staying in her hotel, which she closed permanently years ago, both embark on an uplifting journey of self-discovery and joy.

This debut film by the director is enriched by the mesmerizing talent of Christian De Sica, known for his role as Coronel Lombardi in the three-time Golden Globe-nominated blockbuster, The Tourist.

Gently intriguing and driven by the comforting blend of comedy, drama and the romance of the story, Storm Warning takes place in the northeastern Italian town of Renon, where 95% of its inhabitants speak German and only 5% Italian. In such a fascinating landscape, this production goes beyond comedy to propose a reflection on understanding how unexpected encounters can change the course of our lives.

Welcome to Italy to discover the radical transformation of a woman’s personality after a man shows her the bright side of life. Walter has overcome the demise of his wife and is now on a mission to show Regina that love is all we need!


The biggest solar storm hits the earth, causing power surges and blackouts. A far greater storm rages within the soul of a gloomy and lonely woman called Regina (Lucia Mascino), after a mysterious visitor (Christian De Sica) forces himself as a guest in her hotel, which has been closed for years.

Awards and Festivals:

• Official selection Busan International Film Festival 2016
• 17e Festival del Cinema Europeo LECCE 2016
• Alto Adige Bolzano Film Festival 2016

Airing times

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