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Sumo Bruno (Germany, 2000) by Eurochannel



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Sumo Bruno (Sumo Bruno, 2000)

Cast: Hakan Orbeyi, Oliver Korittke, Julia Richter
Director: Lenard Fritz Krawinkel
Genre: Drama
Length: 99


Bruno is way overweight and everybody but his friends thinks of him as a loser. When the Sumo Wrestling Amateur World Championships are being held in a small town in Germany, he finally has a chance to redeem himself with life. Eurochannel premieres Sumo Bruno, a raw portrait of a social outcast and life in German suburbs in the early 2000s.

Set during the beginning of a new century, Sumo Bruno follows the joys, sorrows and adventures of Bruno, a man in his thirties whose almost 440 pounds of weight have affected his self-esteem. Bruno lets himself go down until he is lonely and without a job. Only his buddy Kalle makes every effort to free his obese friend from its lethargy, culminating in the crazy idea of participating in the random Sumo World Cup held in town.

Through Sumo Bruno, viewers are invited into the unexplored world of social outcasts. Bruno’s best friends count Kalle and Timo, an 11-years-old kid who is also overweight for his age. As the plot develops Bruno’s shyness is also revealed as his feelings for Anna – Timo’s mother – start to take flight until his courage stops them.

Praised by critics and the press, Sumo Bruno delivers a classic outsider story in the backdrop of a wasteland in a province of East Germany, which equates to England's run-down North in Ken Loach's social films.

Eurochannel invites you to meet a one-of-a-kind character with a heart as big as his body. He will prove that a person who knows what he is fighting for remains unbeaten, even if he loses!


The Sumo World Wrestling Championships are due to take place for the first time outside Japan, in a small town in Germany. A self-styled local entrepreneur, Kalle (Oliver Korittke), persuades Bruno (Hakan Orbeyi), his overweight friend, to train as a Sumo wrestler, and hires the owner of a sushi restaurant as a trainer. But Bruno is all but a fighting machine.

Airing times

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