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Interview with Jiří Strach

Suspicion (Klec, 2019)
Czech Republic

Cast: Jirina Bohdalová, Krystof Hádek, Viktor Preiss
Director: Jirí Strach
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime
Length: 90’


When an old and lonely woman opens her door to a young man claiming to be a distant relative, her life takes a turn for the unexpected. As she thinks she might have found the perfect companion for her final days, reality will prove to be dark and dangerous. Eurochannel premieres Suspicion, a gripping thriller about the dangers of inviting strangers to your house.

Set in a small European village, Suspicion tells a story of trust, deceiving, and greed. In the film, Kveta has a lonely existence. Her social life is limited to a weekly visit by her postwoman and her voluntary work at the local church for the long-assigned priest. One day, when a young man pays her a visit, she starts thinking that her worries about solitude might end forever… But with them, maybe also her life!

An intense psychological drama with elements of a thriller, Suspicion goes beyond the fear of the unknown, but also with the distressing feeling of anguish when someone is trapped. As the plot develops, Kveta realizes that something is not quite right with the young visitor and they soon find themselves trapped in her flat.? A game of cat-and-mouse begins but is not clear who in fact is the cat and who the mouse.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a nail-biting thriller proving that we should trust nobody. Will Kveta survive the ultimate challenge of solitude, or will she fall in the dark trap of her unexpected visitor?


A lonely, trusting old woman fears that no-one needs her anymore. She suddenly meets a young man that claims to be a distant relative. They start developing a close relationship. But soon she realizes that something is not quite right...

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