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3 Female-led European Movies

Tastes of the World (Les délices du monde, 2013)

Director: Alain Gomis
Cast: Ndeye Seynabou Sene, Zohra Benali, Nozha Khouadra
Genre: Comedy


A women’s association faces its demise. After years of helping women share their interests, it is forced to close. Diminga, the organization’s president, will not allow this tragedy. Facing down the authorities and the establishment, she will fight for freedom. Eurochannel premieres the dramatic comedy, Tastes of the World.

The neighborhood association, “Tastes of the World”, brings together women from various communities to exchange culinary know-how. Every day, they meet in a local venue assigned by the municipality. In addition to its stated purpose, the association represents, above all, the possibility of escaping, for a few hours, from the weight of everyday life and family obligations. When the town hall forces them to leave the premises, the outcry begins and the women decide to counterattack. Now Diminga, the association’s president, will run in the mayoral election.

Moving between drama and comedy, Tastes of the World is a chronicle of the everyday lives of many women in modern Europe. Setting a light yet witty tone, the Franco-Senegalese director Alain Gomis portrays a group of women in revolt against the system, symbolized by the mayor, a cynical politician, and his contemptuous assistant.

More interesting is that Tastes of the World doesn’t present the stereotypical flawless heroine in Diminga. Instead, she is a liar, an authoritarian and a narcissistic woman. With unique grace, she manages to get women behind her, thanks to her cheeky and mischievous attitude.

Come to a Parisian ghetto to meet an enthusiastic yet cynical leader who will resort to everything and anything to save the association she leads. Discover if all her hilarious attempts are effective as her charisma.


The “Tastes of the World” association is evicted from its premises. A place to meet up and enjoy culinary adventures, the association gives local women a few hours of freedom, away from their family obligations. Determined to recover their premises, its president, Diminga (Ndeye Seynabou Sene) enters politics.

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