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Temptation of Murder (France, 2014) by Eurochannel

Temptation of Murder

Temptation of Murder

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Temptation of Murder (Les trois silences, 2014)

Director: Laurent Herbiet
Cast: Caroline Silhol, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Julie-Marie Parmentier
Genre: Crime, drama
Length: 90’


Phillipe isn’t happy with his relationship and finds someone to fulfill his emptiness. Suspecting something is amiss, his wife tails him to discover the truth. She will unleash a chain of events that all of them will regret. Eurochannel premieres Temptation of Murder, a poignant yet thrilling movie about love and betrayal.

Temptation of Murder follows the story of a love triangle. Olivia is a prominent politician candidate for the elections in her region. As one of the strongest women in her city, she is expected to lead by example, but things don’t go as expected in her house. When she realizes her partner, Phillipe, is having an affair, she will do anything to stop it.

Full of plot twists, Temptation of Murder surprises viewers every minute. As the plot develops, Phillipe looks for solace and romance in Aurélia, a much younger woman. But after he plans to announce his affair to Olivia, he is suddenly found dead, his body bloodied, on the edge of a cliff.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy one of the most riveting love triangles of French cinema in recent years. Philips’s’ tragic turn of events will cast doubt in both his closest women.

A man’s body is found covered in blood at the edge of a cliff. The two suspects are both his lovers, who are also mother and daughter.

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