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The Assignment (Артист, 2019) 

Cast: Kostyantyn Danylyuk, Mikhail Gavrilov, Evgeniya Loza
Director: Anatoliy Mateshko
Genre: Action, drama


After playing secondary roles on cop dramas, an unlucky TV star is out of money, his wife has left him, and his girlfriend cheats on him. When he is mistaken for a real cop, staying alive becomes his priority. Eurochannel presents The Assignment, a new action-packed drama full of explosions, romance and secrets.

The Assignment follows the unlikely but exciting destiny of Maxim, an actor used to play cops in different low-budget TV shows. His roles are always secondary, so he accepts any offer he can get just to earn some money and make ends meet. His acting life is about to come to an end, and in romance, things seem to be even worse. Maxim’s private life doesn’t help him. He has recently divorced his wife, and his girlfriend, a rising TV star, cheats on him with his best friend.

Looking for options after what seems to be his final TV job, Maxim resorts to some illegal activities. He is forced by a mafia boss to deliver an important suitcase but that is when his life changes. After a violent accident, he wakes up in a hospital to discover he’s been mistaken for a real cop. On his first day at the new job, he accidentally solves a crime case, and from now on he has a reputation of a great cop… But the mafia won’t forget about him!

With witty dialogues and an exciting plot, The Assignment delivers what it promises: action galore and an interesting story that goes beyond guns. Blending black humor with classic romance, this new series also proposes something unique, bold and entertaining for a discerning audience looking for more than the popular Nordic noir.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy and feel the thrill of Maxim’s adventures as he becomes the leading captain in a new town. Will his identity will ever be revealed, and the mafia find him to come clean with his debts? Make sure to enjoy this series from beginning to end to discover the thrilling answers!

Episode 1:

Maxim is haunted by several setbacks both in his professional and in his personal life. He owes a large amount of money. To solve his debt, he agrees to take a job, not suspecting that it will change his future.

Episode 2:

Without expecting it, Maxim gets into the police force. The experience of portraying cops on TV helps him become credible. He applies drama and to solve his first case, surprising and alarming colleagues.

Episode 3:

Acting knowledge and experience give Maxim the key to solving crimes, and he skillfully uses his talent when catching real criminals. Meanwhile, his creditor hires a “problem-solving specialist” to search for him.

Episode 4:

In investigations, Maxim does not always find the right clues, which leads the investigation into a dead end. The “Specialist” tracks Maxim down and finds out that he is playing a double game.

Episode 5:

Maxim is making himself an influential enemy, with whom he imprudently had a connection at the beginning of his cop career. This villain does not intend to release him from his claws.

Episode 6:

When conducting a very non-standard business, Maxim, with the help of charm and the ability to speak with people, gives a good start to the investigation, and his analytical mindset allows you to find a clue where none of the fellow cops would be looking for.

Episode 7:

Maxim meets his girlfriend's dada, he approves the choice of his daughter but says that Maxim is not a real cop but a phony. Maxim finds a mole in the police department.

Episode 8:

Maxim has a frank conversation with the “mole”. Does the mole want to finish the job and kill Maxim? Does Maxim Nastya admit who he really is and his situation?

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