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The Awakening

The Awakening

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3 Lethal Viruses that Can Attack Humans

The Awakening (Éternelle, 2009)

Cast: Claire Keim, Guillaume Cramoisan, Boris Terral
Director: Didier Delaître
Genre: Mystery, thriller
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 6
Length: 52’


A mysterious woman wakes up in hospital. She has no identity and has lost her memory but soon develops supernatural powers. Eurochannel premieres The Awakening, a supernatural thriller in which a public health conspiration and a ravenous manhunt blend to deliver an exciting experience!

The Awakening follows the thrilling story of Dr. Yann Voline and an unknown woman when they become the center of a national conspiracy. One night, as Yann drives back to his house, destiny changes his life forever. While distracted on his phone he hits a woman who happens to be naked and in need. Their destinies take a dramatic turn.

What was supposed to be a routine visit to the hospital so the woman could get the needed medical attention turns into an investigation full of secrets and the revelation of some of her supernatural abilities. This Jane Doe is amnesic and doesn’t remember her name. However, she can dig into the memories of others just by looking at them. More surprising to her, Yann, and the medical team checking her, she carries an unknown virus that could jeopardize the whole of humanity.

Blending drama, thriller and romance, The Awakening delivers a fascinating story full of excitement throughout its six exciting episodes. As this Jane Doe permeates the heart and mind of Yann, she becomes the target of a manhunt by the doctors and the police, who want to study her, not for her benefit but with dark intentions.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the mystery behind a woman with supernatural talents, and how she changes the fate of a country and those near her.

Episode 1

On a rainy night in Paris, doctor Yann Voline hits a young and naked woman with his car. This accident will turn his life upside down.

Episode 2

The young woman has no memories but she knows everything about Yann. She absorbed the doctor's memories as if they were her own. She can also read the minds of others.

Episode 3

An unknown bacteria is found in the young woman's blood. Martin, the laboratory technician, is infected and runs away. A strange man shows up at the hospital. He claims to be the woman's father.

Episode 4

The alleged father carries the toxic mold of a plant that has disappeared for 4,000 years. He ransacks the laboratory before being neutralized. WHO experts take over the hospital and their discoveries are far beyond scientific knowledge.

Episode 5

Yann and the young woman set off in search of a high school student who has been missing for six years. They find her in a critical condition and can only be saved by the mysterious woman.

Episode 6

The young woman disappears. Yann desperately looks for her while the high school student is rushed to hospital in a deep coma. Blood tests show that she was contaminated with the mysterious bacteria.

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