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The Class, the movie - Ilmar Raag - Estonia


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The Class, the Series

The Class (Klass, 2005)

Director: Ilmar Raag
Cast: Vallo Kirs, Pärt Uusberg and Lauri Pedajax


Everyone has a breaking point. When bullied, some fight back, others run away. A few, however, bottle up their anger and resentment until it explodes. Eurochannel invites you to experience the tale of two fated high school students in Estonia in The Class. Fed up with the constant torment of bullying, they strike back, showering apocalyptic violence down on the halls of their school.

This cutting-edge film explores the hard truths of a shooting in a school in Tallinn, evoking a spectrum of emotion in this look at both the depths of human depravity and also the immense tenderness that we can be capable of when all else is lost. It also offers afresh perspective on this polemic subject, affording a holistic view of the facts.

Such honest and vivid acting and plot derived in numerous debates about bullying and school violence across Estonia and its neighbor countries, having Ilmar Raag and renowned physiologists on the panels. The film also had a successful spin-off series dealing with the aftermath of the shooting and broadcasted by Eurochannel in early 2012.


Kaspar (Vallo Kirs) and class pushover Joosep (Pärt Uusberg) are both 16-years-old and life in high school is far from easy. Kaspar unintentionally defends Joosep against the bullying of his classmates, but every time Kaspar tries to help him, it backfires, with the class taking it out on Joosep. Kaspar just wants his friends, his girl and his unassuming life back. Joosep wants to regain his dignity and dreams of a transfer to a high school far away. Their classmates are relentless, going further and further with each incident invoking shocking consequences.


• The Class was Estonia's Official Submission to the Best Foreign Language Film Category of the 80th Annual Academy Awards (2008).

Airing times

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