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The Eight Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 5 - The Grass is Greener

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The Eight Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 5 - The Grass is Greener

Embark on a cinematic voyage you will never forget, with the greatest new exponents of European filmmaking. The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its eighth edition, with a special programming theme: happiness!

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour has been a successful Eurochannel trademark for the last seven years. A unique event, the tour invites viewers to follow talented directors on an exciting exploration of Europe through short films: with the directors as guides, viewers discover fascinating cultures through the eyes of a filmmaker. Almost every European country and region is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - which is an example of the program’s creativity and dynamism.


Roots (Raízes, 2015)

Director: Andre Bem-Haja
Beatriz Lacerda Rodrigues, David Lacerda Aguiar, Margarida Lacerda
Drama, Documentary


Grandpa’s house is the gathering place for a big family. Grownups come and go, either working or resting. The children settle in. The four cousins, separated by an ocean during the year, spend the summer together. They get used to each other’s company, get angry, get fed up with each other, and share cultures. They laugh, bustle, bath in the pool and have snacks under the sun. Tears are only shed for a bleeding leg or a missing toy. The daily routine of four children growing up unknowingly. A mixture between fiction and documentary that portrays an unreachable peace for the grownups, left with nostalgia of a bygone childhood.

Festival Selections:

• Lisbon International Film Festival – Winter Edition 2015 Córtex – Sintra Short Film Festival 2016
• Shortcutz Lisbon
• Azores Fringe Festival

Biography - Andre Bem-Haja


Hypotheses or Predictions Based on Theories (O Ipoteze sau predictii bazate pe teorii, 2015)

Director: Andreea Paduraru
Cast: Adina Lucaciu, Florentina Nastase, Alex Marcu
Genre: Drama


Laura, a young and beautiful bride-to-be, and Marina, her older sister, are two women looking for the proof that Laura’s future husband is having an affair. Accompanied by Alex, Laura’s 5 year old nephew, they embark on a road trip by the sea that soon turns into a journey about discovering their true selves and the origin of their questions.

Festival Selections:

• 2016: NexT International Film Festival, Bucharest
• 2016: DaKINO International Film Festival, Romania
• 2017: Vienna Independent Shorts, 14th Festival for short film, animation & music video


Albert (Albert, 2015)
United Kingdom

Director: Miranda Howard-Williams
Cast: Beatrice Playfoot-Orme, Leo Donnelly, Jason Flemyng, Jo Joyner
Genre: Drama


A heartwarming story about the innocence of childhood and a fear of the unknown.

Festival Selections:

• 2016: Premiere - London Independent Film Festival
• 2016: Oxford International Film Festival


Spark (Vonk, 2015)

Director: Edgar Kapp, Kuba Szutkowski
Jack Wouterse, Wart Kamps


Lost in an industrial district, a delivery boy asks directions to a solitary welder. Things take a turn for the worst when he is fired, and his van refuses to start. The two men seem to be condemned to each other. The unexpected intimacy appears not to be a misfiring spark.

Awards and festivals:

• TV Rijnmond Audience Award 2015
• International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR): 48hour film project Rotterdam Audience Award
• International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
• Nomination: best camera (Robijn Voshol), best character (Wart Kamps), best use of Rotterdam (Frenk Kok & Sander Boutestein), best art-direction (Anita van Pelt)
• Selected for IFFR, Noida ISFF, Zubroffka SFF, LA CineFest, Rotterdams Open Doek, 010Cinema Schiedam, Vlaardings Film Festival, CineNoord


Star Stuff (Star Stuff, 2015)

Director: Ratimir Rakuljic
Cast: Domagoj Culina, Izzy Stannard, Luka Satara, Anthony Haden
Genre: Biography, Drama

A boy amazed by the stars in the night sky sets off on a voyage of great discovery. As one question is answered, more appear. Soon enough, where once stood but a curious boy, a great scientist will rise. Inspired by the life and work of Carl Sagan, one of the most famous scientists and science communicators of the 20th century.

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