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The Eight Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 6 – Places in the Heart

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The Eight Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 6 – Places in the Heart

Embark on a cinematic voyage you will never forget, with the greatest new exponents of European filmmaking. The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its eighth edition, with a special programming theme: happiness!

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour has been a successful Eurochannel trademark for the last seven years. A unique event, the tour invites viewers to follow talented directors on an exciting exploration of Europe through short films: with the directors as guides, viewers discover fascinating cultures through the eyes of a filmmaker. Almost every European country and region is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - which is an example of the program’s creativity and dynamism.


Just Like a Bitch (Just Like a Bitch, 2014)

Director: Ruaidhri Conroy
Cast: Brendan Conroy, Sile Nugent, John Olohan and Belle
Genre: Drama


Benjy, a homeless alcoholic, loses the only thing he loves in the world when his dog, Diana, mysteriously disappears. Alone and increasingly distraught, Benjy trawls the streets of Dublin searching for her, encountering a series of hostile and unhelpful characters along the way.

Festival Selections:

• 13th Kinofilm International Short Film Festival in Manchester - 2016
• Kerry Film Festival - 2014
• Cork Film Festival - 2014
• 10th HollyShorts Film Festival – 2014

Biography - Rúaidhrí Conroy


Kresnik: The Lore of Fire (Kresnik: Ognjeno izročilo, 2014)

Director: David Sipoš
Cast: Cene Skrt, Aljaž Šimunić, Domen Jančič, Dare Valič, Assija Sultanova
Genre: Fantasy


Peter and his cousins are spending their summer vacations with their grandfather. They decide to spend the night camping outside, but they don't expect the kind of ordeal they are about to go through before morning…

Festival Selections:

• Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival - 2014
• Festival of Slovenian Film - 2014
• Fargo Fantastic Film Festival -2014
• KFJ Film Festival -2014
• Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film - 2014
• Festival du Court Métrage à Clermont-Ferrand -2014
• ITSA Film Festival - 2014
• International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh - 2015
• Cleveland International Film Festival - 2015
• Tally Shorts Film Festival - 2015

Biography - David Sipoš


Annick (Annick, 2015)
France / Romania

Director: Bianca Sescu
Cast: Angéline Gomes, Catherine Wagner, Élie Deniset
Genre: Drama


Eighteen-year-old Annick lives alone with her mother. She doesn't really know what she wants and she blames her mother for her father leaving.

Biography - Bianca Sescu


Life with Herman H. Rott (Elu Herman H. Rottiga, 2015)

Director: Chintis Lundgren
Genre: Drama, Comedia, animation


Herman is a rat who enjoys heavy drinking, loud grind music, and chess. He doesn’t care much for cleaning, and the disorder in his apartment only makes him feel more at home. One day a very tidy cat who has a weakness for messy macho-men decides to move in. She also brings a vacuum cleaner, a piano, and, what’s worse, a collection of classical music records.

Awards and festivals:

• Days of Croatian Film, Croatia - 2015
• Krakow Film Festival, Poland- 2015
• Animafest Zagreb, Croatia - 2015
• Annecy Int. Animation Festival, France - 2015
• Fest Anca, Slovakia - 2015
• Animator, Poland - 2015
• Anima Mundi, Brazil - 2015

Biography - Chintis Lundgren


Maartin (Maartin, 2015)

Director: Joel Rahkonen
Cast: Simon Häger, Timo-Pekka Luoma, Edith Holmström, Severin Brummer
Genre: Action, Children and Teen Movie, Comedy


Maartin is an action-comedy about a kind-hearted bicycle policeman who has high ambitions of becoming a detective. When the Norwegian bicycle mafia kidnaps Pierre, the son of Maartin’s sweetheart, Maartin gets an opportunity to show what he’s made of. Against all odds, Maartin tracks down the crooks, but gets caught together with his partner, Kowalsky. When everything looks lost, Maartin uses tricks from his favorite TV-show MacGyver to get out and beat the bad guys.

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