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3 Essential Body Transformation Thrillers

The Evil Hands (Les Mains de Roxana, 2013)

Cast: Sylvie Testud, Loup-Denis Elion, Micky Sebastian
Director: Philippe Setbon
Genre: Thriller, crime, drama
Rating: 14


The most successful violinist of her generation is at the top of her world. Talent, friends, and money surround her until a fateful accident changes her life forever. Now, everyone around her starts to die in mysterious circumstances. Eurochannel presents the suspense thriller, The Evil Hands.

The Evil Hands follows the story of Roxana Orlac, the most prominent violinist of her time. As fame requires sacrifices, her family is left behind while she shines under the spotlight . . . until one tragic night it all changes when her hands are crushed in an elevator accident.

Hopeless and with her future shattered, Roxana receives the visit of an unorthodox surgeon offering her a transplant ― seemingly a success as her new hands start to respond well. Roxana is happy but her new hands might have a secret lurking beyond her senses as a series of murders of her inner circle begin to occur. All the clues point to Roxana!

Delivering a magnificent blend of unsettling and familiar ambiences, The Evil Hands became one of France’s greatest suspense thrillers of 2013. The French paper L’express wrote “[the film] is worth a thousand praises and other alleluias.”


Roxana (Sylvie Testud), a prominent violinist, has both hands crushed during an accident. After she undergoes a transplant by a prominent surgeon, whose methods are controversial, a series of murders start happening in her inner circle.

Airing times

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