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The Fugitive (Il fuggiasco, 2003)

Cast: Daniele Liotti, Roberto Citran, Francesca De Sapio
Director: Andrea Manni
Genre: Drama
Length: 97’


Before turning 20 years old, Massimo, an Italian student and activist, finds himself accused of the brutal murder of a young woman. Now he faces trial, arrest and conviction for a crime he swears he didn’t commit. Eurochannel premieres the Italian crime thriller The Fugitive, a nerve-wracking story of honor and justice.

Based on true events, The Fugitive follows the amazing story of Massimo Carlotto as he tries to prove his innocence while running from the authorities. One day, he discovers the body of a young woman in her apartment. The harrowing signs of torture and violence shock Massimo, and he decides to escape, becoming the prime suspect of the judicial investigation. All odds are against him!

Depicting a case which lawyers and the Italian opinion deemed as a miscarriage of justice, The Fugitive engages viewers in nail-biting moments in which the fate of Massimo seems to hang on a fine thread. However, it is only through hope and resilience that he could stand a chance against the judicial system. Fleeing to Mexico and captured again, Massimo has only one opportunity to come clean.

Eurochannel invites you to discover one of the most popular judicial cases in the last decades of the 20th century in Italy. Is Massimo Carlotto an innocent man, or does he have the nerve to lie through his teeth to his family, friends, authorities and the whole country?


The true story of a man’s life that turns into a never-ending nightmare as he tries to prove his innocence. After years behind bars and half a decade on the run, this fugitive travels from Italy to France to Mexico, to defeat the judicial system.

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