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Czech Republic

The Fury (Rapl, 2016)
Czech Republic

Director: Jan Pachl
Hynek Cermák, Lukás Príkazský, Alexej Pysko
Genre: Crime, action, drama
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26
Length: 60’


Detective Kuneš’s temper is as quick as his wits. It is a gift but also his punishment. Forsaking the capital for the rustic landscapes of the borderlands, this police detective with a troubled soul finds himself in a place with secrets as dark as his own. Eurochannel premieres the detective series The Fury.

Set in the most dangerous region of the Czech Republic, The Fury follows Detective Kuneš in his last chance within the police. To avoid dishonorable discharge, his boss has a solution for him, she assigns him to a remote borderland. There's only one catch. His real mission is to clarify a cold case: the murder of a female cop.

Divided into 13 action-packed episodes, The Fury delivers what it promises: anger, mystery, suspense, and plenty of action. In a story that combines stories of the local mafia, personal rivalries, bureaucratic politicians, and incompetent colleagues, detective Kuneš soon becomes the hero. Not for his kindness but rather for his rash personality and effective results.

Depicting the darkest side of a harrowing society, The Fury combines the best of TV noir, with great acting and a twisting plot, to deliver a masterful detective drama series worth binging. Those same characteristics earned the series a nomination for a Czech Lion (the most prestigious films and TV awards in the Czech Republic) and one at Prix Europa for best TV Fiction Series.

Eurochannel invites you to the Czech borderlands where crime, prostitution, drug dealing and desolation is at its highest. There, only one man will be able to fix it all, and discover the darkest secrets of the place and himself.

The Fury – E1

Major Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) beats up his ex-wife’s boyfriend. To save his career in the force, he is sent away by his superior for a “sabbatical” in the dangerous borderlands. In return for not being fired, he is asked to investigate the cold case of a murdered police officer.

The Fury – E2

A priest is shot dead and Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) takes the case. All the clues left intend to make it appear as a robbery gone wrong, but soon the idea is ruled out. Everything points to a former colleague of the murdered vicar.

The Fury – E3

Hvozdíková (Dana Cerná) visits Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) in his cottage. She tells him that his return to Prague depends on his success in the Wágnerová case. When she leaves, Kuneš is brutally beaten up by a group of men while an old man is shot while hunting. The suspect: a man, with whom he had years of disputes.

The Fury – E4

The body of a woman showing signs of ritual violence is discovered in a flooded quarry. The circumstances of the murder are suspiciously identical to an unresolved case, behind which there is a serial killer.

The Fury – E5

A prostitute is found strangled and Lupínek (Lukás Príkazský) is missing. Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) investigates to clear his partner of suspicion. When investigating, he comes across a clue through the prostitute’s pimp and finds Lupínek almost dead.

The Fury – E6

Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) refuses to investigate the case of an arsonist who set fire to a barn. He is on vacation and wants to have a peaceful hike in the mountains with his daughter. When a teacher responsible for children on a ski trip dies in the mountain hotel during a fire, Kuneš gets back to action.

The Fury – E7

A forest warden is caught in a bear trap and bleeds to death. There were also shots fired at the scene so Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) starts to investigate the case as a murder. Was it a robbery-homicide?

The Fury – E8

When stealing a luxury car, the thief finds a dead body in the boot. His clumsy attempts to cover the theft by setting it on fire do not cover the fact that the deceased was a victim of a violent death.

The Fury – E9

The body of a man beaten to death is found in a cottage. The scene of the crime points at a wild party gone wrong. Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) determines that the victim was a customs officer and earned a suspicious amount of money for his position.

The Fury – E10

Firemen draw a car with a dead man in it out of the river. The body of a woman, and a bag with papers cut into the size of banknotes are found further away. The dead man was last seen in a casino, where he won a large sum of money.

The Fury – E11

Kuneš’s (Hynek Cermák) disputes with his daughter grow intense. The heavy atmosphere is interrupted when the detective is called to a harrowing case: the river brought to the surface a box with the body of a woman.

The Fury – E12

The armed robbery of a lorry full of wood may seem odd until Mácha (Tomás Jerábek) discovers one of the logs is hollow. Evidently not only wood was being transported. The investigation of the robbery leads Kuneš (Hynek Cermák) and Lupínek (Lukás Príkazský) to a German brothel.

The Fury – E13

Rohan (Miroslav Etzler) finds a batch of drugs worth millions hidden close to the station. Mácha (Tomás Jerábek) reveals they are at the police station in a live interview on radio. Marta (Kristýna Frejová) and Johana (Sára Sandeva) are kidnapped by Željko’s henchmen.

The Fury – S2E1

Kunes is temporarily out of service and earns money as a private detective. Rohan, in the meantime, builds a new investigation crime unit in Usti.

The Fury – S2E2

Kunes settles in Usti and also solves his dire financial situation. Along with his new team, he aims to infiltrate a neo-Nazi group in the city.

The Fury – S2E3

The corpse of a former soccer player is found near a trash dumpster. As the main suspect suicides, the investigation takes a surprising direction...

The Fury – S2E4

Zeljek's brother is injured during a violent robbery. As the unit investigates the case, Macha becomes a key player for his innovative and unorthodox investigation methods.

The Fury – S2E5

The unit's pathologist is missing but the team is busy investigating the finding of a burnt corpse near the quarry. Again, there is only one witness and his life is in danger.

The Fury – S2E6

After a wild party on a ship, a river brings the corpse of an unknown woman. Kunes and Lupinek follow the ship to the country's border, but it might be too late...

The Fury – S2E7

Danger lurks in the city when a murderer is on the loose. When he is finally found, the investigation takes a dark turn as he is discovered lifeless and with signs of torture.

The Fury – S2E8

A prominent politician and his son are found dead and all their valuables have been stolen. It is up to Kunes and his unit to discover the truth behind this tragedy.

The Fury – S2E9

When an explosion kills the owner of a kebab restaurant, clues point to the enemies of the man, and the intention to forbid his marriage to a local woman.

The Fury – S2E10

Summer is in full swing and Kunes longs for a well-deserved vacation. However, he will find himself involved in an unplanned murder investigation.

The Fury – S2E11

The head of the local psychiatric hospital is found dead. The chief surgeon is at risk as well as many of the doctors... Will Kunes and his team arrive on time?

The Fury – S2E12

Zelejek escapes in the last minute before being captured. The town becomes more dangerous than ever as he plans his revenge.

The Fury – S2E13

Kunes and Lupin finally meet Zeljek in Montenegro. The criminal has the advantage of his territory but the detectives have an ace behind their sleeves.

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